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THE WORLD'S BIGGEST KEBAB MUNCH BOX (Ultimate Kebab Shop Challenge) | BeardMeatsFood

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A lot of you guys have tagged me in these British kebab shop munch box challenges, which are popping up all over the place lately...So I decided I'd create the biggest one in the universet! FOLLOW ME: http://www.beardmeatsfood.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/beardmeatsfood Twitter/Insta: @BeardMeatsFood IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL CHECK OUT MY PATREON PAGE: https://www.patreon.com/BeardMeatsFood Watch The 100,000 Calorie Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKlWgmhOvpM How I Avoid Getting Fat: https://youtu.be/GEN-X4lA1g8 How I Make Dieting Easy: https://youtu.be/Y2P9joJPN9g STARTING YOUR OWN CHANNEL? CHECK OUT MY GEAR: Main Camera (Canon 80d): https://amzn.to/2IgeKKh Point & Shoot (Canon G7 X II): https://amzn.to/2rEB7ie New Camera (Sont A7III): https://amzn.to/2jY6jom Back Up Camera/Beginners DSLR (Canon 750d): https://amzn.to/2Im1CPM DJI Osmo Gimbal: https://amzn.to/2Ig55Do Soft Box Lighting Kit: https://amzn.to/2IDCffD For 10% off ZERO SEVEN orders enter code: BEARD 10 LINK: https://www.zerosevenclothing.com/discount/BEARD10 Music credits to my man FLORIAN HAACK for the epic video game metal covers, as well as; Lakey Inspired, TeknoAxe and Makai Symphony: https://soundcloud.com/makai-symphony SEND ME STUFF: Beard Meats Food PO Box 200 CASTLEFORD WF10 9DR UNITED KINGDOM
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Text Comments (1462)
Monkey Nut (9 months ago)
You doner great job on that kebab LOL
Goku XV (10 days ago)
amina koyim
DOOM_ METER (5 months ago)
Monkey Nut omg yesss
Yahya Akçil (8 months ago)
Turkey doner ahahahah
AWolf 91 (8 months ago)
Good joke. I was going to think of another but it's skewed.
Charley Dunn (9 months ago)
Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mustang tank (1 day ago)
Your timer in the huge pizza box was not working / on
Ollie O'Connor (3 days ago)
It’s basically the English man vs food
Mr B (3 days ago)
Well done sir, that load of slop looked awful.
Dominic Metaxas (5 days ago)
So glad you didn’t go full retard and start doing your wierd noises talking over yourself eating like you do for some reason in most vids... first vid I’ve enjoyed. I think if you did most like this you’d be in Matt stonies region and not just his shadow, but oh well.
Jake Rennie (5 days ago)
IMAGINE his shits
Jake Rennie (5 days ago)
Fuc king hell
David Gurnhill (6 days ago)
time to order some cheesey garlic bread and a kebeb now :)
Silently Moving (7 days ago)
Where tf do you put all that food? You should beat Randy more!!!
mr. mustash (7 days ago)
You put the beard cam on some parts. I was thinking that the whole vid was a beard cam
Lil Heavy (7 days ago)
I wonder does he pay for this food or does the food company pay as a sponsor for exposure?
Lil Heavy (7 days ago)
I want his food too
lucasnooker (8 days ago)
How the hell did you carry that box of food home? Im not even sure if I could fit it through my door. That's insanely cumbersome
ak kartal (8 days ago)
How do you stay that fit after challenges like these?
Char Louise (8 days ago)
I wanna know what take away this is from pls
micro mario (9 days ago)
Pizza and chicken cheese on a kebab shop..thats the least. Blasphemy. And that meat looks 134yrs old Go visit Greece mr. Beard you will eat proper pure kebab
XxV3NGEANC3xX (11 days ago)
Your toilet must have hated you after this one
Tom Bailey (11 days ago)
Where was the parmo from? 🤔
Liam and ava Finch (12 days ago)
Shave that dirty beard off I can see a bird nest in there with three birds in it and fossils of old food do you even lift bro ?
Benjamin Lewis (13 days ago)
I feel bad for his toilet!
Nice Guy (16 days ago)
anyone else notice the music was cammy's theme tune?
Dk dk (16 days ago)
You are sindsyg brother
Nick (16 days ago)
looks grim haha
simba chauhan (20 days ago)
When you are fast forwarding you are throwing some of the food out but looks like your eating all of it when your not .. fuckin sly Jew
Anthony Mercado (21 days ago)
You didn't eat the box and the cans so you lose
Anthony Mercado (21 days ago)
Wuss up with that black dick looking thing
Opeoluwa Babalola (21 days ago)
Let's get it
BOOMBOX (21 days ago)
"Next thing we do is maybe couple slices of pizza!" Eats all Pizza. 😂
jordan boxall (21 days ago)
Subscribe to richiedogg youtuber
Kenny Duff (21 days ago)
Kebab meat needs Chilli sauce, or Garlic sauce or better both.. no sauce, you are a lunatic, like trying to eat an elephants hoof
Kaushik Ram (22 days ago)
sir try indian food as a challenge ..will see u with indian food challenge soon 😄
5HCLDNA5H (22 days ago)
Ngl this looks amazing
King Mexican (22 days ago)
Thats some crunchy chicken
Sean Rasdale (22 days ago)
Loving the Chanel, where did you get the food from?? your a fellow Yorkshire man, so I wanna try it myself
Stinkeymole (24 days ago)
Kebab meat without chilli sauce 😭
Richard Abbotts (24 days ago)
I hope you have a reinforced toilet
martin powell (25 days ago)
Iv been watching a while but never subbed. Sorry about that. Quick question how do you shit? Crazy vids
Max Henderson (25 days ago)
Doner meat. Grim
Ben Ghaly (25 days ago)
His shits must be fucking gigantic
James Edwards (26 days ago)
Smashed it !
steffen verbist (27 days ago)
shouldve put the kebab on the pizza.. then it would be soooooo good
Adrian Haugo Berg (27 days ago)
Mr. Beard: I guess i'll eat a few slices. "Eats the whole pizza".
flufz ツ -iwnl- (27 days ago)
how can u hate kebab meat
Wulla Balloo (28 days ago)
I think the flat round kebab was a shami kebab, my favourite starter for a curry. Wrap a piece of it in naan bread, dunk it in your chilli massala then when you start to sweat from the heat, dunk it in that yoghurt dip
Supermohanbros (29 days ago)
praise middlesbrough for the parmos
Specy (29 days ago)
I'm Italian , and I have to say that the pizza looks pretty good...
Davon Caleb (30 days ago)
You don't got shit on the L.A. BEAST...... L.A. BEAST but good job
Richard Bonney (1 month ago)
That's the sort of thing I would get for me and 3 or 4 pals on a movie night and expect to have some left over for brekkie and maybe lunch and tea.....then not having to cook for my girlfriend...and a quick snack before bed......where the f#@k do you put it all🤔
andrew boots (1 month ago)
Do you want a troff with that 😀
king luwee 2 (1 month ago)
That an old ass soda brand i remember that shit from the 90s
Smartee (1 month ago)
My favorite part is when he like “I’ll have a few slices of pizza” and he proceeds to eat the whole pie
3:17 I subscribed just to un subscribe
irraa mew (1 month ago)
Kababes luckilys easy to eat. Compared to pizza/potatoe aka chip or fries depending on were you live.
Alexander Verjans (1 month ago)
I enjoy kebab meat alot, but the fact you eat it without any sauce, yeah no shit it gets bland.
rimodalv1 (1 month ago)
I shouldn’t watch this. I’m getting hungry. Is my local Pizza Hut still open?
Sirdiggar (1 month ago)
Cholesterol in a box. Bet his arteries are as tight as a ducks arsehole.
RapidShotsFps (1 month ago)
Ugh if thats the state of takeaway food where you live im suprised there even open an allowed too sell that ! 🤮
Raymond Johnston (1 month ago)
It's a munchIEs box not munch you may as well met call me disklexict and it a box jeszz insult to scotland
william wells (1 month ago)
I want this like now haha
No Name (1 month ago)
eats half pizza and says maybe a couple of slices
Angelo Romeo (1 month ago)
“You probably don’t know what Parmo is” Goes on to explain chicken parmesan that everyone knows 😂
Bobby Yo (1 month ago)
Lee Cradduck (1 month ago)
I can seriously eat but this fella is a machine!!
Mimus (1 month ago)
Thought it was garlic bread with cheese
imakrewitatl (1 month ago)
How many pounds of food are lodged away in your beard somewhere?
Brian Waterbury (1 month ago)
You are a beast!
Miles Morales (1 month ago)
Sparkling guano flavour 😂
Stig WJ (1 month ago)
How come you are not morbidly obese?? 🙂
Xxx Smellybstrd (1 month ago)
4:24 he cleaned up y has he gone so posh
Mohammed Alobaidi (1 month ago)
That's not Kabab you idiot.
kwertea qwerty (1 month ago)
Ever realised that these munch/munchies boxes are just perfect for a stoner who got the munchies. I order these things atleast once a week, but each item from a different place.
Andrew F (1 month ago)
why is there so much satisfaction in watching somebody else eat sooo much food? :P
Jamal Jr (1 month ago)
Why I watch food channels when I'm hungry 😥... I have a problem... lol
Calzonie (1 month ago)
Only one garlic sauce ? Hawer sort it out man and that looked shit and everywhere I’ve been and had takeaway it’s never been as good as Newcastle’s
p tordoff (1 month ago)
you greedy bugger tht looked awsome
Demps 69 (1 month ago)
M8 Pls don't pick your teeth.
Demps 69 (1 month ago)
the weird thing is a sheekh kebab.
Demps 69 (1 month ago)
was the chicken good? was the pizza good????
Keisha Boles (1 month ago)
Back in 93 had a huge bigfoot pizza.Made only by Pizza Hut.Noone has done that challenge (ever)Discontinued,in hopes it's brought back.The length size that same box.
Hawkeye Pierce (1 month ago)
It’s crazy to think that if I ate only that pizza and those chips I would explode .... like just imagine that entire pizza and three cans of pop in your stomach . Crazy
gimp boy (1 month ago)
Pretty sure I’ve eaten more then this on a few nights out on my way back ;)
Distinct (1 month ago)
A few slices of this 🍕.eats the whole thing
Simon Uyan (1 month ago)
Yoghurt drink. No its garlic dip Im from the north east
DOOM_ METER (1 month ago)
how the f*ck do u hate kebab meat
rick justus (1 month ago)
Great job guy!
Daniel Batchelor (1 month ago)
Tepuitoru Pop (1 month ago)
beefofwill (1 month ago)
TT entertainment (1 month ago)
Will you ever shave off your beard
Shaun Mclorinan (1 month ago)
That disc of meat is called a burger you absoloute spazz
Hamish Munroe (1 month ago)
No, a "burger" implies other items - bread bun for example. What we have here is a disc of meat. You absolute spazz
waqas javaid (1 month ago)
Congrats on the rubicon sponsorship mate 👌😝
InSaNiTy-RuLeZ (1 month ago)
I would have been phoning them up and complaning cause that box looks half empty
Ahmed tayasiir (1 month ago)
I can imagine the constipation after this
Sam Hall (1 month ago)
Kebab meat without any sauce that's a violation.
theXPGs (1 month ago)
Food looks horrible
Zombie174Slayer (1 month ago)
It’s called Chicken Parmesan
Lewis Beattie (1 month ago)
Munchie Boxes come from Glasgow. They've been around for longer than I've been alive(20), so the spread to England is just accepting of the fact the greasiness is glorious. Won't be long til you get deep fried mars bars lad.
PRO GAMEING PVP RAPS (1 month ago)
Were the TACOS 😐😐😐😐
Karasu (2 months ago)
I died watching this
Joey Felton (2 months ago)
Sodium overdose, I love it.

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