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New English Oak Door underway & Torsion box fitted (Sunday Shop Update )

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Been a busy Week in the shop and I am thinking about a new 1/2 Router -any ideas which one ?? Manor wood links Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/manorwooddesigns My Etsy shop - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ManorWood Web Site - https://www.manorwooddesigns.co.uk patreon - https://www.patreon.com/manorwood Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ManorWoodDesigns
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Chris Adam Video (6 months ago)
Do you prefer a torsion box or your box section style workbench you made?
Chris Adam Video (6 months ago)
Fair enough! Bought the plans on Etsy for the bench, looking forward to having a lightweight perfectly flat surface to work off of!
Manor Wood (6 months ago)
My Mega MFT Profile workbench all day long nd its its wheels!!! but in the resin shop I don't need the connections and after a while its all messed up with resin and need replacing maybe 2 year its its a mega mess.. so thought i would save money ..
Steve James (7 months ago)
Have you pulled the trigger on your router yet? I've the Festool 1400. Looked at the 2200 but I think the 1400 is a more all round bit of kit and great to use with the guide rails when the need arises. I've 3 Dewalts and a big Makita. The large Dewalt and Makita are in separate router tables (portable and workshop). For your needs I'd probably use the Trend for flatting out and get a dedicated router motor for your table. Would probably make the most sense and make life easier in the long run. Plus the Trend is a Dewalt in disguise which harps back to the original Elu so tough as old boots and has stood the test of time so will probably take all the stick you can throw at it. Keep up the great work (loving the walnut you acquired) and look forward to more soon.
Steve James (7 months ago)
Yes the plunge depth was the one feature I would really have liked. Look forward to your upload.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Hi Steve, Just about to buy one :) ... will show you all when I buy it . I think the 2200 as I need the 80mm plunge depth
PDW Inc. (7 months ago)
Love your Channel. Lots of Felder and Format in my shop as well. As for routers I have all of Festools routers among other brands. I even had two of the 1400 until I sold their router table built my own with the 3-1/4 Porter cable and Incra lift and fence. The 2200 is a beast but no problem if you are working on large pieces and need a large router. I bought it when building the Roubo and use it to flatten slabs on my sled. I still use the 1400 but on smaller pieces. The one I use least is probably the 1010 but I still am glad I have it. The 700 is a great trimmer and I like it for using small radius bits. Thing about Festool are the features you get with the routers. FYI the 2200 does not come with the plug it cord. Cord is fixed unless of course its different there.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Thanks Steve .:)
Biggsy1970 (7 months ago)
I started with the of1010 an now have the lot. They all have their uses 1400 is a good all rounder but 2200 is great with the accessories systainer and all the bases.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
I do like the idea of the 2200 bases. I really dislike stopping and getting a screw driver out .. but love the feel of the 1010 so easy to use..
Enjoy the videos and very envious of that joiner, nice tool!. On the question of routers I have two Porter Cable 690s, a Bosch Palm and Dewalt DWP611 Compact router and recently purchased a Festool 1400. The $100rebate (gift card) from festool's tool trade promotion right now was a big incentive to get the 1400. I love the Dewalt compact router (1/4" collet), very ergo friendly and nice micro adjustments. The plunge mechanism is great too. The one PC 690 tool serves in my router table setup and the other I use for 1/2" bits both with the plunger and D-handle-which I also love. The Bosch is mainly used for rounder over purposes (micro adjust sucks). I've used the 1400 more recently on a desk I am making and find the handle takes some getting used to, as does the plunge mechanism. Both of these are very distinct hand movements and don't seem to flow very well, but maybe Im just so used to pulling a lever while plunging like with the PC and Dewalt. Very nice micro adjustment and locking mechanism. Of course as with most Festool toys, dust collection is always a huge plus, and it accepts 1/4", 1/2" and 8mm bits. On the question of a 1/2" router, at this point I would recommend a PC 690 with D-handle, but I can see the 1400 in a close tie soon. I think this is analogous to when you learn how to snowboard, they say if you skated before you should forget everything you learned for skating and start fresh on a snowboard. Happy decision making and keep up the great work!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Welcome , just found an 8mm bit for my 1010 so now not in a hurry for the 1/2 router but still need something soon for some mega walnut flattening . You will see move on Sunday best Andy
Edward Steele (7 months ago)
i was wondering if i could ask for your advice on mixing resins did a test pour measure out perfectly and the resin has gone soft
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
If amount is spot on then it can only be how well it was mixed or maybe room temperature.. but if you leave it a couple days it should set
Barrie Heard (7 months ago)
Mafell router 2600w motor
darren williams (7 months ago)
Take a look at the Triton routers
Bisch Basch Bosch (7 months ago)
Do appreciate these tips and updates on your resin room/setup. Always taking notes as it's something I'm looking at venturing into for finishes on my own work in the not so distant future. On routers, if you don't do much outside the router table, I'd look more seriously at a dedicated 3 1/4 router motor that'd work with some of the really nice aftermarket lifters. I have a 110V Festool OF 2200 that I use for masons mitres on kitchens. Bit of a lump but very good. Plenty of grunt for flattening if that's something you want to do. I also have the Bosch GMF 1600 CE set. This includes a fixed base that I have under my router table and a plunge base I use outside. Bought that as it works with the Bosch and Mafell rails I have. It's nice. Plenty of torque, great handle layout and, as you can remove the motor body for plunge or fixed base, is an excellent general use tool.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Cheers ! will look into Bosch , my mate had that set up a while ago
Bill Carroll (7 months ago)
👍 good job, mate 👍 Winter sneaks up on a lot of us...
Silver Fox (7 months ago)
From a uk carpenter. What a great channel! 👍👍👍
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Thank you, I am just starting out it lots of work but I am having fun . and its great having the support of you all :)
Craig Salisbury (7 months ago)
I have the 1400 and it's good, especially with the mft, track adaptor and a couple of stops...interesting how people are now moving away from festool though.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Chers Craig, still thinking ..about 2200 or 1400
Michael Snelling (7 months ago)
Hi forgot to mention that I also got the Makita 18V palm router for round overs and edge trimming ... absolutely brilliant!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
I like the look of the Makita 18v , but not have any Makita stuff and really don't what a new battery spec / charger etc...
Michael Snelling (7 months ago)
Hi have used the OF1400 with a Jessum lift and found it great for most things ... recently I upgraded to the OF2200 to do some heavy duty stair strings and found the extra power and superior dust collection a great improvement ... unfortunately the OF2200 footprint is too large for the Jessum lift or any others on the market so I am in the process of constructing my own using a screw jack and INCRA plate with Clean Sweep rings ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqe0p31sv6708bx/Routers2.pdf?dl=0
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
looks great , lots of nice profile as well :)
Michaël De Graeve (7 months ago)
I know Triton has a lousy reputation, but I've mounted their 2400W router in my table and it works very well. You don't really need a router lift either, because there's a table winder included for height adjustment.
Dean Dauplaise (7 months ago)
The Festool 1400 is a perfect router to use. I personally own the 1400. I found that the big one is way to big and is unmanageable. The 1400 has an amazing amount of power and it so easy to change the bit since it only need one wrench. I highly recommend that router!!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Thanks for info
sebastiaannoppe (7 months ago)
Perhaps Triton tra001 ?
Jamie Ollivant (7 months ago)
I'm a site joiner and last year I bought the 1400w festool router. For me personally I couldn't get on with it, it was too big for the small stuff and wasn't big enough for the big stuff (I got a lot of chattering trying to cut worktops which gave me a rough finish). I felt the centre of gravity was high up too and I would roll over the edge quite often. It may suite you better than me. Hope this helps. Great work by the way!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Cheers Jamie, I am also not sure about the 1400. the 1010 is so easy to use . I just need 1/2 bits for bigger work so maybe the 2200 is the one.. Thanks Andy
Mike Seymour (7 months ago)
Look at the Triton routers they have some power
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
will do.. cheers
mayhem1988 (7 months ago)
I used to work with Iroko a lot, the colour of the timber will even out once you get it all machined up. It's naturally quite yellow when fresh sawn but darkens very quickly when exposed to either oxygen or light, I never figured out which. I once left an a5 work order on top of a finished piece for a week and found the outline of the paper was clearly visible on the timber once it was removed!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Thanks for the info on the Iroko.. , Even my saw mill found it odd the massive colour difference . but its going to be stained very dark brown.. by the client anyway..
Garry Palmer (7 months ago)
I use to have the t9 now I use the t11
nowhereman112244 (7 months ago)
I have all three Festool routers that you mention. For a hand held I'd go with the 1400, it's a good all around router. I like the 1010 for lighter work because it takes a 1/4 or 8mm shank only, more compact less weight and power. I feel the big advantage of the 2200 over the 1400 is taking a deeper or wider single pass, more power, but it weighs more. That's my opinion.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
I love the 1010 .. and find the 8mm bits work for most of my work .. deeper wider single pass if what I need most of the time which is why i was thinking 2200 .. as I push my 1010 to the limit as its so easy to work with
Have you thought about using a planer jig for flattening over wide slabs, rather than a router?
Have a look at Episode 30 of The Sampson Boat Co series.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Not sure ? what sort of jig ..
David Wiggins (7 months ago)
I have the 1010 router and just ordered the 2200 for slab flattening. Woodpeckers release their amazing flattening jig in about a month's time so they will work perfectly together. In my opinion, Andy, there's no reason not the get the 2200 as the 1400 is only a 40% increase in power whereas the 2200 is about 120% increase. With all of the slab work you do, get the workhorse. And, let's be honest, you can NEVER have too much Festool! :) Love seeing all of the updates! Keep up the great work!
David Wiggins (7 months ago)
It's not released yet. I saw it being previewed on John Malecki's Instagram page. Woodpeckers release it in about a month. Check it out, looks amazing!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Just had a look and can't find a flattening jig on the Woodpeckers site..
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Hi David, I think or right..! what the Woodpecker flatting jig ?? I am visiting friend in the US next Month busman's holiday taking 4 trees down while I am there .LOL .. I could bring the woodpecker jig home ..
Richard Masters (7 months ago)
It must be good to have your twin brother working alongside you!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
lol.. thats my Wife step dad, Phil he is a really help in my shop every time they stay he lets a hand and I alway have jobs lined up for him.. but I see what you mean.. haha
Robin Horton (7 months ago)
Love watching your work, I made a long John coffee table in Iroko at high school, never known wood with grain going every which way, a devil to hand plane.
Tom O'Hawk (7 months ago)
Great video thanks for sharing 👍
jack butler (7 months ago)
Have the 1400 lovely router for most jobs, if your doing alot of flattening I think the 2200 would be a better choice. Never tried a 50mm cutter in the 1400, but it wouldn't run away with it.
lee carhart (7 months ago)
I'm in the process of building up my tools for my workshop and if you are not using a router all the time then I would recommend the erbauer 1/2" router from screwfix. Does a very good job for me.
Geoff Kinlen (7 months ago)
Some one mentioned at Brum a Festool cordless router soonish Any one know?
Chris B (7 months ago)
I’m not sure how much crack a big battery router would be. My Trend T11 is 2000W, the battery one would need to be similar power to do similar work. A 2000W router run from an 18V battery would draw 111A, a recon an 10ah battery would give you 5 mins use. Now you could maybe go the Makita route and two batteries in parallel to give you 10 mins, but it still seems like a massive compromise.
Peter O'Connell (7 months ago)
From what I've seen and heard. The triton routers are the bogs dollocks. So maybe consider one of them.
mark scheiner (7 months ago)
+1 for the 1400. Not tried the 2200 but not needed a bigger one than the 1400. Finally bit the bullet and built your extrusion assembly table. Should have done it ages ago. Thanks for sharing the build
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Cheers Mark. And You will love the table!
simon collins (7 months ago)
Hi, great channel by the way, really enjoy your videos. Ive just had this dilemma as I like the Festool system as well. However I went with a Trend Tll ek with the micro adjustment in my Kreg router table and it works brilliantly. Saves a fortune on router lifts and for around £289 you could put the rest towards the Festool of 1400 or just save the money!
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Love trend routers as you can see I had my T9 since 2003 and it has rebated a lot of very deep solid oak windows! Still going strong..
Built By The Hand (7 months ago)
We have a 1400 at work very nice bit of kit with some lovely features, fantastic micro adjustment and I love the lock for removing cutters saves having two spanners, took a little getting used to with the horizontal handle but you soon adapt. Is it worth £400 more than a cheap £200 dewalt router I'm not sure. A huge fan, your videos have inspired me to start making tables etc outside of the joinery shop I work in and I've just finished my first small resin table looking forward to making more and hopefully one day be able to set up somewhere more permanent to keep producing some quality work.
Manor Wood (7 months ago)
Thanks you! And Glad I have inspired you . Love to see you table as I am sure the small army of followers would too .. I have a Facebook still not sure what going to happen on it lol.. but maybe you could post some pics .. bestMW

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