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Text Comments (596)
tri shul (19 days ago)
What is the purpose of sweater she is wearing?
Brad Beach (19 days ago)
Paul Jones (22 days ago)
Long intro for
charliedontsurf70 (26 days ago)
That guy in the yellow shirt was scoping her out!
LAX Traction (1 month ago)
Yeah he’s right you don’t need money the video is correct
Atiq Faisil (1 month ago)
What is your number
N- Ing (2 months ago)
Love all these men surmising what younger women want 😂 😂 As a woman in my 20s who dates a man in his 40s I can honestly say the biggest attraction is maturity and intelligence. The reason I don’t date men my age is because I’m over going out every weekend to get drunk, I’m over bubble headed reality tv watching losers, I’m over vain image obsessed gym bunnies who pluck their eyebrows..... the list goes on. I pretty much can’t stand my generation. I’ll take the meal out with that rugged older man who can keep a conversation flowing over a good bottle of wine any day. Older men have the charm that comes with life experience and challenge me in ways younger men are just incapable of.
Andrea Patricia Crowley (2 months ago)
Wow he's really attractive,i wonder why she would't like guys her age?
Andrea Patricia Crowley (2 months ago)
You coukld do everything with young guys. I would rather appreciate young guys would be polite and respectful yet also i'd still like guys my own age as long as they good looking and know how to hang out with a woman.
Eddy Edwards (2 months ago)
Easy $$$$$$$$$$
Raymond Cook (2 months ago)
A HOT, beautiful attractive woman with a killer body, knows her body goes to the man with the most MONEY!
Raymond Cook (2 months ago)
Reasons women crave a old man with money? 1) Expensive hair style, 2) Nail salon every week, 3) Expensive perfume, 4) Jewelry, lots of jewelry, 5) Furs, 6) Lots and lots of expensive clothes, 7) Pedicures, 8) iPhone NS, 9) Lots and lots of traveling to foreign countries, 10) Eating at expensive restaurant's, 11) While is off doing stuff without her, she is banging the young stud and laughing
N- Ing (2 months ago)
Raymond Cook - 😂 rather specific. I take it that’s what happened to you!
Raymond Cook (2 months ago)
Show me a PHOTO of 1 OLD man who is on Social Security and he has a hot, young, nymph blonde living with him.
Raymond Cook (2 months ago)
ABSOLUTELY, Older men have MONEY and homes, cars, they travel the world, and they are lousy in bed. That's why the young woman ALWAYS has a young stud on the side.
Elliot Ness (2 months ago)
Can't do it young women are fucking annoying.
dcosb09 (3 months ago)
old women also want money. they have nothing to offer to get it though
Corrie Scrivener (3 months ago)
whats with all these hate fall comments. money is not the reson older men get girls. u young guys acting like cunts on the internet and real life is there anywonder girls pick the older guys over u. your assholes .grow the fuck up . to all the happy people out there date who u want life is to short to worry about cunts
Ron S. (3 months ago)
Sensible, respectful comments from two classy young ladies.
Robbie Westerdijk (3 months ago)
Listen to ABBA !!! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY !!!
jellykid47 (3 months ago)
I just came to the comments section to say money
HanAva X (3 months ago)
I swear to god it's not about money. It's just some of them Hella Hot lmao *sorry for my bad English*
pantslizard (3 months ago)
For you guys in the comments, it's not always money, Daddy issues? Absolutely. But not always money.
Alex Stelling (3 months ago)
Lots of beta males getting jealous, and downright sexist. You aren’t getting women because you are jealous and angry about other guys getting girls instead of getting off your ass and living a successful life. Then you are blaming women for choosing to be with a successful mature guy solely for money, making you sexist, immature, poor, and entitled. Neither of those are traits that women are looking for.
Great One (3 months ago)
ozarkprepper1 (3 months ago)
Older men have had time to aquire more cash and possesions.
ber calnip (3 months ago)
Magic Marxist (3 months ago)
Money somehow makes older gents attractive; who would have guessed it?
L.A.B ART (3 months ago)
Sooo in other words wome like things to be easy/ready made and established as opposed to growing and learning together with a male partner their age or around.
David Thomspson (3 months ago)
Mo money Mo money MO MONEY
Michael G (3 months ago)
Hypergamy. That’s all.
N- Ing (2 months ago)
Michael G - how can you assume a man is higher in the social pecking order just because he’s older ... 🙈
Eddy Edwards (3 months ago)
Don’t even have to watch this !! $$$$$
Ian Moone (3 months ago)
I attracted all the young nurses in the hospital, when I fell off my wallet & broke my leg! 😂
Fredricko Smithson (3 months ago)
Roger Ballog (4 months ago)
Yes girls if you play games with men keep in mind we are not boys. We don't play games any more. We are men. I can tell when women play games. One time I catch you I am already walking away. You could be a perfect 10 in looks but when you play games it shows who you are on the inside and men want a wife. Which means til death do us part. Men don't want a girl who plays games. I hope this helps
MGTOW 35 (4 months ago)
Just money
TimeTraveler (4 months ago)
These chicks know what they want, I'd like to smear whipped cream all over them and lick it off
Bruce G. (4 months ago)
Show me the MONEY!
obsolete professor (4 months ago)
1) money. 2) daddy issues.
Daniel Borrie (4 months ago)
Younger women don't need to attract older men. You already have our attention.
TheDracoTamer (5 months ago)
Yeah right. Open doors, pull out chairs, be a gentleman = cuck= kiss of death.
Only two girls the second girl sounds intelligent the first white girl doesn't know what she's talking about
RedElephantStampede (6 months ago)
My wallet
Blah blah blah... cut the BS, ladies. Just say it: *MONEY* !!! 😍😍😍
dcosb09 (3 months ago)
its status and money
Rockford John (6 months ago)
Opening a door???? Didn't feminism do away with that??? Can't have it both ways ladies. If you want equality then you don't get special priveliges also.
HereComeTheRooster (7 months ago)
Young women who prefer older men want their money and they usually have daddy issues
Nadeem Mughal (8 months ago)
This is very generic advice; what really matters is that would a younger girl have s*x with an older man? And, when you say older, what exactly do you mean, how many years older? The real question would be, would a younger woman like to be won by a older men senior to here say by 15 - 20 years and she would have s*x with him? I can tell you right now - the answer would be no? If a you say yes, please let a young woman whom has enjoyed that experience state it?
Michael Richard (8 months ago)
Explain older guy! If it’s way way older that’s just creepy but if the guy is 30 and the girl is 24 that’s different
MARK SUTTON (8 months ago)
Pacer Dave (8 months ago)
Only two women interviewed?
Goldenrod Willy (8 months ago)
Ya i open the bedroom door for all of them and mgtow their ass with front door when they leave
Paul Crosley (8 months ago)
They are just prostitutes looking to separate men from their $$$$!
noga 1 (8 months ago)
money ! duh
effingasshats (8 months ago)
It's amazing how women are taught from birth to be gold-digging con artist whores.
Gordon G (8 months ago)
Was that Seattle.!?
jwgeezer (8 months ago)
Women will always love jerks.
jwgeezer (8 months ago)
ammar albayati (8 months ago)
Its all about money , they will keep you as their bank and they will go get the sexual pleasure with the younger man.
1 Money and Status 2 Money and Status 3 Money 4 Money 5 Money
David Mays (9 months ago)
what's the name of that intro
joey smith (9 months ago)
The answer is very simple money!
Girl Rants (9 months ago)
need myself a sugadaddy
Raymond Cook (10 months ago)
What attracts a young woman to an old man? SHE needs $$$$$$$$!
Smoggy Productions (10 months ago)
well someone should tell these guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjzQy7jgYoI&t=14s
Ispeak Mymind (10 months ago)
“What exactly do you do”? “Do you own, or do you rent “?...
6sheds (10 months ago)
Young girls are fun and sexy but a real woman, one who knows her mind and has seen her share of men, she's the really attractive woman. Confidence, intelligence and experience speak volumes over a hot but inexperienced girl. It's mainly men with low self esteem that chase young girls. Nothing boosts a male ego better than a hot young girl melting in front of him. That's why your Weinsteens and Savilles of this world became big players. Simply because they were big players and didn't care who they played with. In a world of inferior males their domination wasn't just over their quarry but also those who envied their success even when they knew they were behaving wrongly. Pairing up with a woman close to your own age shows maturity and success and will last as a relationship providing you choose carefully and treat her like the human she is. Don't forget you are choosing a partner. Someone to share life with and build a successful future together. You want to be treated like an equal so you should treat your partner as an equal. If all you want is a leg over then you'll wake up in a cold bed more than you choose.
Scott Preston (10 months ago)
Yeah it's money. T'was ever thus. Maybe one should ask, what would make a younger woman attractive to an older guy besides the shape of her butt.
Dirk Daring (10 months ago)
As an older man younger women go for older men for the number one reason is money everything else is secondary , don’t let women fool you into thinking otherwise .
DK viking KD (10 months ago)
Sweet, smart and non-crazy are greatly appreciated female traits:)
Luis Huitron (10 months ago)
10 brownies and that's it
Jason Hitch (10 months ago)
Basically make more money Fellas! ... Got it !!
Ken (10 months ago)
Ha so funny again. Older dudes = MONEY, these chicks are lying.
anonymousprofess (10 months ago)
Attracting young women is very easy. The richer you become the higher quality younger woman you can attract regardless of looks, confidence and what ever BS is being slang at you. So just imagine your level of wealth is bait. The better the bait(wealth) you have the better fish you can catch i.e Harvey Weinstein. If you disagree, thats okay because disagreeing is what makes things happen.
GoonThe (11 months ago)
When women says ambition. It usually means make more money. Laymen’s terms really. lol
Razing Kane (11 months ago)
Close your eyes and listen to these videos.  There is nothing remotely revealing or educational.  No spark of innovation or any glimpse into the complicated, intricate, complex, and colorful psyche that is woman.  This woman is just spewing loads of false wisdom.  If she wasn't easy on the eyes would you even take her serious?  Unspectacular to say the least
Desert Rose (11 months ago)
Stupid video
YouYou (11 months ago)
Women are attracted to oldermen (not daddy age or grandpa) but at least more than 2+ years than her to 15+ years. The reason is - Men are mature later than women - Experiment : he will have more knowledge - He will likely have a stable life compared to her If it's more than 15+ years gap then it tend to be "$$$$$$$" WHYYYY????? Because WOMEN WANT A MAN WHO CAN PROVIDE (= WORK) to take care of her and their children. So a YOUNG, HEALTHY MEN aka ALPHA MALES are the best choices.
Corrie Scrivener (4 months ago)
YouYou your so fuckt in the head girls date who u want
Michael Dib (11 months ago)
thank you for great advice again
kizaru melon (11 months ago)
Steven Cook (11 months ago)
That's why I go to places that have automated doors LOL.
Solomon Pilot (11 months ago)
Yahru IsReal (11 months ago)
All women 18-80 desire a man with money so stop shaming the young ladies that you older women created.
YouYou (11 months ago)
Actually it's men who are shaming those young ladies
Marc Fagundes (11 months ago)
Get your money here for nothing and your chicks for free
paradox 7 (11 months ago)
One word.. Money
Bricklinsv1970 (11 months ago)
Cut the shit. Its money!
Ivan Ivanov (11 months ago)
1) Author, you are NOT very bright... WomAn is Singular and WoMEN is plural... You messed that up BADLY!!! 2) With you womEn its MONEY, MONEY, MONEY... All that matters. The MORE of it a guy has the QUICKER you spread your legs for him!!!
I'm 34 and scared af that I'll seem like an actual mature/older guy if I do chivalrous stuff now. I loved in my teens and 20s how it made me "mature for my age". I don't want to fucking grow up.
marco albeldas (1 year ago)
Superficial world
Rudy Rutan (1 year ago)
#Love dress style, very beautiful... ;) Your man is lucky...
BAKU BAR (1 year ago)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover guide to attracting women try Trefendous Amazing Women Tips ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.
sestoelemento 80 (1 year ago)
what kind of car you drive?
gousse jimmy (1 year ago)
It's money.
Nonya Buz (1 year ago)
Men that are older are more mature and don't always expect you to be a babymaker for them. Also, they tend to have a better upbringing.
Trace Rollins (1 year ago)
I actually had a younger woman tell me to STOP opening doors for her on our date!
exslave nowfree (1 year ago)
The first one was purely materialistic gold digging b***...the secong one is already dressed for “work”...at a moment there i thought i’ve spoted a shovel...
johnnymcleanvlogs (1 year ago)
John Clarke (1 year ago)
tomcat27557 (1 year ago)
don't want any of them ho's...with the higher voice pitch on the last couple of words in the sentence. they just loo-ken for some fool to maintain their overpriced lifestyle.
BIG- L (1 year ago)
Dollar Dollar Bill Yo'll
renge99O9 (1 year ago)
Money, fame, power.. Or simply access to them, she'll jet when she gets the chance to do it and still have what she wants.
Marko Milosevic (1 year ago)
There are three reasons why women like older men: 1. MONEY 2. MONEY 3. MONEY

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