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SNAP-ON WEDNESDAY - New Box In The Shop!

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SNAP-ON WEDNESDAY - New Box In The Shop! intro and outro song is (We Are) The Road Crew by Motorhead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb3zSgxMuug New Snap-on Tool Review Merch is available for purchase here: https://teespring.com/stores/the-snap-on-tool-review-2 Merch for the Snap-on Collectors Facebook page is available for purchase here: https://teespring.com/stores/snap-on-collectors-store Check out the new Patreon page designed to give you fans some cool stuff that you cannot get anywhere else!! Click https://www.patreon.com/SnaponToolReview to show your love and support for what I do on YouTube!! BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO GET A CUSTOM STAINLESS TOP FROM SHARK!! https://sharkequipment.com/password Please Consider leaving a donation if you like the videos. Every Donation helps the channel get better! Click the link below and start supporting!! Thank you! https://www.paypal.me/SnaponToolReview Thank you for watching! As always leave a like, comment and subscribe!! Everything helps. I do not work for or sponsored by Snap-on or any other tool company. I have spent my own money on making these videos and all the tools you see in them. If you have a product you would like to get featured on this channel you can email me directly at [email protected] For Fan Mail(please no anthrax or death threats) please forward it to this address: Joel Neufeld 204-2175 Shaughnessy St. Port Coquitlam BC Canada V3C3C7 SNAP-ON WEDNESDAY - New Box In The Shop!
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The Snap-On Tool Review (11 months ago)
The "enter title text here" wasn't supposed to be there. That is iMovie fucking up. Sorry everyone!
WBOS72 (5 months ago)
Is imovie what you use to edit these vids?
wytt millermytgmlll mil (7 months ago)
The Snap-On Tool Review wytt miller
Armchair Sniper (11 months ago)
The Snap-On Tool Review sure it is Joel, you were just hung to the gills when you edited it right? Well got the news my shop is closing and I am getting transferred to our dodge shop but just don’t know in what capacity, gonna be just like manny lol
The Snap-On Tool Review (11 months ago)
Haha nope. On my end it’s all fine. Haha
nike12000 (11 months ago)
The Snap-On Tool Review user error not program error 😋
Ducati Parts (2 days ago)
It’s funny but I’m watching a video about people I don’t even know but it’s so great to see Jordan so happy about that new box. That’s what people don’t understand about mechanics, the pride we have in our tools and boxes is something most people just wont understand. Are snap on boxes WAAAAY OVERPRICED, you bet but it’s the only tool box I will own. Rock on boys, love the videos!!! Jordan, congrats man, what an upgrade and looks like you earned every dime of it.
Cory C (15 days ago)
I love that box. Beautiful color and super clean.
Camron Renne (28 days ago)
I didn’t notice until four minutes in.
TheDavePhan (3 months ago)
Going in to debt for a box. Haha
madbear3512 (3 months ago)
Title text here. Well there no title what the hell man. Ps he should have gotten the 12' one. For 30 k
MoneyMarcMes (3 months ago)
Smokers are Jokers!
Raul Rubalcava (3 months ago)
That's like a whole years pay so "what's in the box"?
Tomas Paez (4 months ago)
Congrats nice tool box
Charles Stokes (4 months ago)
Such a foolish man to buy this. Imagine what he could do for his family if he had his head on straight.
Jacob Petersen (4 months ago)
if any body is interested i have a like new used Extreme Tools EX5621CRBK 56" 10 Drawer Top Chest & 11 Drawer Roller Cabinet, Blk on my ebay for local pickup only at $1,125 user name magicdave0902
dang0088 da (4 months ago)
How much does that box set him back you didnt say?
Stacy Cornett (4 months ago)
Super sweet bitches.!!!
CJ12 (5 months ago)
Looking at all those tools is like a candy store
Matt Lane (5 months ago)
Or get a HF box for 1 grand... vs 16 grand..
Curtis Wade (5 months ago)
I subscribed
Ram Valdez (5 months ago)
damn cranberry very nice jorden I loved when i got my classic my first box then now I'm on a master series very nice
Lord Rumple (5 months ago)
There was a small dent on the top left
Matthew Wood (5 months ago)
Nice box. good for you mate.
Jb_ A (6 months ago)
(3:38) lol fucker should have bought a epic!
Peter Palffy (6 months ago)
congrats on the new box! It looks great! You will have this for life. I had mine for almost 30 years. I moved around the world with it a few times, from Toronto to the Caribbean, to California, back to the Caribbean, then to Calgary. Still looks and works like new. Remember, quality costs less: You will only buy it once.
Tim Payne (6 months ago)
kurtthezombie (6 months ago)
That color is discontinued now so take care of her lol
mad max (7 months ago)
Nice tool box what did that set you back $$$$ you know snap on mans happy now he's got to fill it
Davis Sibetang (7 months ago)
Gotta question. I work at a Toyota dealer. We have big snap-on boxes provided by the dealer. Tech usually by roll boxes and/or carts. Is it different there compare to the states????
nxtgen AUTOMOTIVE (7 months ago)
So many commercials
Dennis Hensley (7 months ago)
And where's the SMOKE MACHINE??
Dennis Hensley (7 months ago)
Where's the top half and the two locker END cabinets ???? What about the matching roll around tray??? 5 gas exhaust analyzer ?? A C machine and new scan tool with European addition. ??? Where. Where????
Vincent Grueter (7 months ago)
No silent "k" in "knipex"
dezasterJP (7 months ago)
I have the exact same box and the same color. Love it !!
CanadianCharlie64 (7 months ago)
Mean O’ Dustino (7 months ago)
🙄 that is SUCH A sexy box! I purchased a master series 1022? In the vibrant orange with black trim 54” but i love it!! im a 1st year and know I’ll have this box for long time.!
Footage Factory (8 months ago)
whats the title? Shit I bet youve heard that a million times Actually its a really good video> Thumbs up
All_Tools_Addicted (8 months ago)
You should do a walk around of the snap-on tool box shop
Andrew Mercer (8 months ago)
That dude looks so fucking happy! I can’t wait to upgrade from my 40” snap on cart to something like that!
2009 G8 GT 6L (8 months ago)
That's a very nice box for sure. I like anything as long as its red
Kevin Hamling (9 months ago)
G'day Kevin here from Australia. Congrats on the new toolbox .
Freakingstang (9 months ago)
Nice box. I have the same one. 1032 cranberry with titanium trim. I stained a butcher block top Brazilian rosewood and epoxy cleared it. Looks so baller.
Josh (5 months ago)
Had to refinance the house, but got a deal!
Luker mc (10 months ago)
Could someone give me some advise please .. so November 2017 I ordered my KRL MASTER 54” cab and hutch. Well it arrived in the uk with me 2weeks ago like mid March yeah I know a joke right.. anyways I opened the boxes and notice a 8th rivet missing on the chrome bank divider and then to my fucking amazement they have welded in the up right in that divides the banks in on the piss, the spot welds have blown out the edge and left a shard nugget .. so I’m pissed right off , what do I do 🤔?????
Alec King (10 months ago)
i remember when i bought my box, i went from a craftsman double stacked box to my Matco 4s w/power drawer box and it was the best feeling in the world.
Arthur Kowaliuk (10 months ago)
Sick Box Jordan, can't wait for the tool tour. I'm lovin the beards too.
Douglas Gross (10 months ago)
hope i make haters suk it bitch!!!!!
Andrew Seguin (11 months ago)
Congratulations on new box Jordan!!!
Lionel Griego (11 months ago)
Man that is wicked! I wanted to buy an epic but at no avail have I been able to get a franchisee over to our shop-😢- makes me sick- I’ve never had an issue with my dealers but can’t seem to find one reputable in midland. My Colorado guy can’t come out of area either-😢
muffslayer100 (11 months ago)
congrats jordan
AcrMast3r (11 months ago)
Very nice box, I just picked one up myself similar to it. Any idea what the cubic inches of storage is?
Freakingstang (9 months ago)
46,425 cubic inches on the 1032 vs 44,761 on the 1023
The Snap-On Tool Review (11 months ago)
Im not exactly sure
BuzzerAuto (11 months ago)
She's a beaut Clark😀
Mason McNutt (11 months ago)
Said he been waiting 20 years? How old is he lol
Figol (11 months ago)
that is a belter of a box
Woosuk Choi (11 months ago)
What a nice box. I exactly want that size tool box. My KRA2422 tool box doesn`t have enough space to keep all of my tools.
JJ Smith (11 months ago)
now he needs a SHARK top for that new box.
Lucas Moseley (11 months ago)
Yes. Every snap on Wednesday is awesome.
Mike L (11 months ago)
My CTR767 long head ratchet finally came in yesterday after ordering it when I saw your first video with it.
adian amador-doss (11 months ago)
I have that same box in midnight blue with titanium trim and I’m in love with it
Noe Lopez (11 months ago)
It would look so much nicer with the bedline top
Dill Wiggle (11 months ago)
Which model was that box ? How wide ?
danoh's toolbox (11 months ago)
Great video as always brother
David Hannah (11 months ago)
Great choice. Congratulations, Jordan!
El Cheapo (11 months ago)
Another great Snap On Wednesday! Bitchin new toolbox. And if the woman ever throws you out, you can actually live in that top drawer.
Jase Norganvase (11 months ago)
Congratulations on your new box mate. Well done on giving up the smokes, try vaping if you are needing that hand/mouth thing which smokers miss when giving up 👍
Jennifer WhiteWolf (11 months ago)
Smokes kinda ruin it for me. yuk. Truly hope it moves into past, your lungs will approve for years to come, and the $ saved for tools and fun is a huge bonus. The cab is a beauty in that color.
robert deweese (11 months ago)
Killer box love the color 👍👌
Snap Mac (11 months ago)
Always liked the cranberry color. Congrats!
AndyE46 (11 months ago)
Congrats Jordan that's a awesome box it's about twice as long as my humble Halfords professional one!
Eddie G-Tech (11 months ago)
Congrats to Jordan on his super awesome box and when he fills it a bit more Joel you can do a tool box tour
STATICKILLER_ 93 (11 months ago)
Congrats Jordan!!!
Snappy Ty (11 months ago)
That color is "Cranberry".  Thank you for choosing Snap On Jordan!  It will give you a lifetime of enjoyment without failure.
Snap-on wednesday featuring "TITLE TEXT HERE"
The Snap-On Tool Review (11 months ago)
Jacob Haas (11 months ago)
Candy apple red or cranberry? Can't tell in the video, don't think the camera does it justice.
Matt Brennan (11 months ago)
very nice box he got. I know its too late now, but I suggest keeping that plastic bag (tool box condom), in case you leave there or move... oh well though. Its very awesome
miguel mendez (11 months ago)
Great box, introduce the hot girl at the beginning of the video
Ford Guy - Stephen (11 months ago)
Today was a sick snap on Wednesday for me I got repo mint ratcheting wrenches they look new for half the price as new and a torx and hex set that was 600 off list LOL snap on Wednesday
Operations Manager (11 months ago)
awesome box bro>>>. good luck with kicking the smoking habit!!
Robert Vaughan ll (11 months ago)
Should have renamed video to big boy tool snap on Wed. Big ass dead blow, extended length cordless ratchet.
Robert Vaughan ll (11 months ago)
Massive top drawer. Can hold all your sockets, extensions,ratchets, etc.
Stephen Roth (11 months ago)
So Snapon ,,, WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT SO DAMNED HARD to buy a simple pair of pliers ?????? I can easily by a T-shirt ,,,,,,, BUT NO TOOLS ,,,,,, NO PLIERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Salice (11 months ago)
Great video, Congrats and best of luck with the new box Jordan!!!
Derek Hellam (11 months ago)
Rip lemmy we miss ya
JERM C (11 months ago)
The PWZ series are the cats ass. Get them all you will not regret it. They are in my top 5 tools for sure. That is a really nice Red box Jordan got. Good for him. Great box.
Maxwell Peter (11 months ago)
I use that clown hammer daily
Maxwell Peter (11 months ago)
Tyler has 9 left he had to buy 50
Martin Calvillo (11 months ago)
those little cutters that you thought were nail clippers are flush cutters. use those on zip ties to cut the tail flush so that it doesn't scratch up the next guy that works on the car. Please everyone get a set of cutters like those. harbor freight sells cheap ones for like $3. zip ties and small wires are about all they're good for though.
roaddoglv (11 months ago)
I use those all the time and have for years. I think the Knipex shown are the best then the black Xcelite. This is one of those tools where the non Snap On options are not only better but less expensive. And I can trim my nails with them.
Joey Barth (11 months ago)
Bad ass box Jordan can't wait for the tour !!!
Joey Barth (11 months ago)
Ctr767 or the 3/8 impact 14.4? which would you pick up first if you had to choose going to get one tommorow off truck but I can't decide which to go with first will get both in time . Your imput please
roaddoglv (11 months ago)
Since I got the first 761 short version more than a year ago I use it more than either my 3/8 or 1/2 gun. For a lot of things you'll have to give it a bit of a tug to break the fastener loose and you can get it into places a gun won't reach. My guy finally got the 767 this week and I'll get mine tomorrow. I expect it to be the same except with the ability to get into more tight spaces particularly in an engine bay.
UBBERTANKER (11 months ago)
buys toolbox, has no tools to put in it
Big_A (11 months ago)
She's a beaut Clark!
Manni Samra (11 months ago)
Fuck yeah Jordan!!!!! 😎😎😎
Manni Samra (11 months ago)
Bahaha didn't know Jesse's first name was Hunter! 😂😂😂
Izzy Salazar (11 months ago)
He needed to quit smoking to put more $$$$ towards that little box :P
Matt_R228 (11 months ago)
Thick Rubber Stall Mat (Tractor Supply or equivalent) makes a great replacement for the top mat.
design Digital (11 months ago)
which red is that ?
asm154 (11 months ago)
That’s awesome. Congratulations. A badge of honor for 20 yrs of work!
P-nut's Tool's (11 months ago)
Maybe they filmed the outro the day after he got the new tool box . 😉😉
P-nut's Tool's (11 months ago)
Super nice box Jordan ! The money he'll save not smoking will pay for that box over time
shawn dpenha (11 months ago)
That’s a beautiful box!
lil Kunt (11 months ago)
Title Text Here
keith lance (11 months ago)
Great video as always, congrats to Jordan on the new box, it’s a lot of money but quality in the end always wins in my opinion. Keep up the not smoking and it will for sure make that new box purchase sting less and less. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”
Justin Hayward (11 months ago)
Sirius Jones (11 months ago)
Awesome toolbox dude! What a badass color.
Dansyoung (11 months ago)
The “clowns hammer” is a reality in a dodge shop... when I was In an import shop a 40 oz dead blow did it all lol

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