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Harajuku is quite possibly the best place to shop for sneakers in Tokyo. All of the major sneaker and streetwear stores are all here! You have Supreme, BAPE, Undefeated, Kicks Lab, Nike, adidas, New Balance, Atmos, Billy’s, and Limited Edition to name a few. You also have a long stretch of thrift stores that offer designer and hype products for good prices. You can watch the previous sneaker shopping guide here: Shibuya Sneaker Shopping guide: https://youtu.be/u-4PflHoou4 JAPAN SNEAKER SHOPPING PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEjjH6BIZ4Mt_-Qrl3NKvvFe-EjWncO1h
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Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Fam watch my entire Japan Sneaker Shopping Vlogs on this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEjjH6BIZ4Mt_-Qrl3NKvvFe-EjWncO1h Thank you so much!!!
Marc alhanaty (6 months ago)
Carlo Ople looks amazing there!!! Hope your having a real time and happy new year!!!
Lucky Tai-Lan (6 months ago)
Dou itashimashite Karuro-san
Kie Jo (7 days ago)
What your recommended sneakershop at Jpn that sell AJ 1 high for retail price?
Supri Yadi (16 days ago)
Is it a good idea to go to Japan and bought some shoes to resell it , basically are they steal deal enough?
william yang (17 days ago)
where do i buy off white the ten collection in japan? Size 13??
Chris Michie (22 days ago)
maybe u should provide the price or give some advise what a different if buy at japan from the quality or something
Marco Caminong (23 days ago)
What is the price range of sneaker shoes in japan? Like adidas and nike? Thanks 😊
merica mansfield (1 month ago)
pinay pride!!! my husband and i are going to tokyo soon from hawaii, so excited to see the streetwear. salamat !
ffera (1 month ago)
Thanks man because I gonna spend 1 month in japan and 4 day in tokyo so this vidéo is perfect for me <3333333333
Very expensive ¥108,000 jordan 1 chicago! You can get 5000 pesos on manila kicks for jordan 1
Damin Mance (2 months ago)
These stores has so many sneakers but not selling well and I know why
Damin Mance (4 days ago)
@Keitumetse Matlabo they have no black people who love to buy sneakers
Keitumetse Matlabo (20 days ago)
Damin Mance why ?
Sash Naumoski (2 months ago)
Fucking awesome.
DIERAPPER (4 months ago)
L x (5 months ago)
Nice Vlog!!! I would like to how what's the price range
Mr. E (5 months ago)
How much are those yeezys
Green Archer77 (5 months ago)
Can you recommend a hotel in shibuya close to all those shopping places.
Christopher Moebus (5 months ago)
That food looks delicious 😁
Lakwatserong Kuripot (6 months ago)
sir carlo pwede po magtanong?if i go to japan pwede ba ko mag-uwi d2 sa pinas ng maraming pairs?di ba ko matatax ng malaki if ilagay ko sa baggage ko ung shoes?TIA.more power!
MrSyngamer (6 months ago)
Is it possible to find larger sizes like US12 and 13 in Tokyo? I'm going there in April and was wondering if I should put aside a budget for sneakers hahaha
Mr. 101 (6 months ago)
Nice but I heard shoes in Japan are quite expensive compare to Hong Kong is that true?
Joshua Pajarillo (6 months ago)
Carlo yung mga OW ba retail or resell price? Are they for sale?
Brian Catabay (6 months ago)
Chester Cucio (6 months ago)
Nike kicks lounge. Somedayy 💯
kiel calderon (6 months ago)
Sarap maglibot diyan! Would definitely go there on my vacation hehe.
Jayson Basa (6 months ago)
Air Force 1 “Regla” Haha nice vlog boss 🙌🏼 Go here at Los Angeles next bro
Haru Akama (6 months ago)
Where did you find the Airmax 97 south beach? Are they used?
GameHero TV (6 months ago)
Damn Sneaker Head Couples pala Sila¿! (Sana ako ren in future)
Dan Dimaliwat (6 months ago)
Langya nagutom ako bigla hahaha
Erick Gutierrez (6 months ago)
What a cool guy this guy is! Could you possibly teach us how to efficiently clean our shoes (esp Boost)? Thank you Sir!
Stephen Pulvera (6 months ago)
Nice bro me and my girlfriend will be there on april and this vlog is really helpful 😍👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
tribaltechno (6 months ago)
nice vid! I stayed in that same hotel last year ;)
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Thank you! Did you get a non-smoking room? Almost all the rooms smelled like cigarettes, haha!
Renzo Yambao (6 months ago)
I think I saw Jordan 1 Origin Story @ 6:33 of the vid, the one in the lower left part.
Dr DisresFakeTaxi (6 months ago)
Reebok Ph really sucks!
Stephen Everything (6 months ago)
Wait wut off-white for RETAIL
jhulianne zulueta (6 months ago)
sir carlo are you plannig to cop the jordan1 union la
Paolo De Guzman (6 months ago)
We are a very much underrated sneaker market. Imagine we have these kind lf dope stores. I don’t know why we are sufferring. We don’t deserve this!!! Lol
johnloyd sakay (6 months ago)
Idol jordan 1 pls😁🙏
E (6 months ago)
hi sir just want to ask what store has the sneakers that offer shoes with steal price
Shorty Yeng (6 months ago)
You should visit the mitsui outlet store
krayzie_E soBreezy (6 months ago)
Philippines aint got nothing compared to japan in alot of everything
Sherwin Terado (6 months ago)
Ang linis sa japan😊
Bangpaulxu (6 months ago)
Wait the kicks lab were all retail? Even the off white nike aj1s?
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
nice video sir calo ople we love you po godbless
nice video sir calo ople we love you po godbless
nice video sir calo ople we love you po godbless
Tony Soprano (6 months ago)
Greetings from Belgium. Loving the content! My question for you is about sizing with regards to shoes. In the retail shops, do they stock larger sizes like US 11 upwards? Or are they rather rare?
Ryan Icatar (6 months ago)
Miguel Alberto (6 months ago)
Pa off topic pooo muna, ask ko lang, diba di naman po basehan ng authenticity ng sapatos ang pagkakaroon ng XDR na tag?
marion salazar (6 months ago)
parang karamihan ng tao sa japan naka hypebeast na shoes..
Raff Cunanan (6 months ago)
Boss mas okay sana if mag Vlog ka din ng food review jan sa Japan 😊😊
Yipiee Obut (6 months ago)
I love japan cuz they love walking lol
Mark Christian Reyes (6 months ago)
Went there last October and it was fireeeeee! Sneaker and Streetwear scene in Japan is lit. 🔥🔥🔥 Great Vid sir Carlo. 👌
Kim Lee (6 months ago)
Very informative. Thanks Sir Carlo.👍
Jaypee Gaming (6 months ago)
Very informative. Thank you sir carlo!
Ephers (6 months ago)
My first time in Harajuku arrived at 7pm too bad as the place closes at 8pm and we were down at the tail end of our Japan trip. This coming spring tho, 2 days will be alloted out of the 14 day vacation. Cant wait.
WARREN SOLANO (6 months ago)
Happy New Year Carlo! 🥂 Thank you for the vlog, it’s so informative. We have now an idea where to shop for rare sneakers or whatever comfortable and reasonable price selections whenever we travel to Japan 🇯🇵. Mabuhay ka! God bless to you and your family. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Bhong Roy (6 months ago)
hi carlo. if u drop by malaysia u may want to visit jpo. sneakers are sold at a cheaper price considering its a factory outlet.
Clement Cabana (6 months ago)
sir carlo size 12 lang biggest size nila sa japan?or meron din 13-14 us?thanks po!!
Golex30 (6 months ago)
Damn dreams never look that so good But my dreams are not coming
Jonathan Santos (6 months ago)
Hi sir carlo sana my prices lalo na yung jordans so that when we go to japan my guide na po kami kung saan my best buy thanks!
j_bee 1216 (6 months ago)
Happy New Year Sir Carlo Ople!!! Wasaaapp... Boom!!! :)
Vicko Dimaano (6 months ago)
Boss Carlo heard some stores dont let you pay by our local CC is that true? So you actually need to have ton of cash to do shopping in Japan ☺️
Diolino Ison (6 months ago)
Harajuku is a heaven for sneaker lovers. I wish we have here. It is a one stop to buy sneakers that we want. The nearest thing like Harajuku is the Acienda in Silang, Cavite, the BGC in Global Taguig City and Marikina Riverside Mall in Marikina 😎🤣😂😚😁😉. Nakakainggit ka Sir Carlo. Siguro if I ever went there, I will be Sneaker Shock. Too many to choose from. Happy New Year to you and to your wife. Nice trip and God bless.😁😉😃😄😚
itsyaboi rich (6 months ago)
Aaaawww sana pwede magpahookup 😟😟😟
Redempto Jr Gimena (6 months ago)
petmalu sir carlo feliz año nuevo!!!
Laurenze G (6 months ago)
please do more b roll of the stores and shoes they have inside and talk about it. 70% of the video is just you talking in the camera
Tj Tolentino (6 months ago)
Sayang kuya carlo. I was there a week earlier than you. If only i knew how lit harajuku was, i would have able to cop some yeezys. Huhu.
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
There’s always next time bro :)
Rovel Cayabyab (6 months ago)
Penge sapatos <3 pleaasee
anthony garcia (6 months ago)
Hi Sir Carlo like the shoe of ur wifey... itz feminine, classy and slick.....btw i like both of ur street wear in japan look fantastic.....
Dy Tom (6 months ago)
Let's hope Reebok PH hears you. The way I see it, if they wants to compete with the big 3, they need to bring their "Tier 0" kicks. Releasing forgetable kicks and blaming the market for low sales is counterintuitive.
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Rolando Delos Reyes (6 months ago)
nice vlog informative
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Bruce Fermin (6 months ago)
Save save para makapunta jan....nice guide sir carlo thanks hapu new yir
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Happy New Year Bruce!
Vince Cabrera (6 months ago)
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
oliver jagolingay (6 months ago)
Those Reeboks OMG 😍 It seems like Reebok is under rated here in the Philippines 😔
Michael Sto. Niño. (6 months ago)
Wow! I wish here the Philippines we also have Undefeated, Atmos and etc. Almost all sneakers that we buy are general release! Japan 🇯🇵 has some rare sneakers! And they have a lot of choices Happy Trip Sir Carlo! 💯🙏 #721 #SneakerShoppingJapan
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Thanks Michael! Happy New Year!
Michael Warren Cantonjos (6 months ago)
Lot of sneakers.. Kaching! Kaching! Happy new year sir carlo and to your wife..😊
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Haha indeed! Kaching kaching!!!
Rhon-Rhon 01-18 (6 months ago)
Ayos sir carlo haha naisipan niyo talagang Japanese Flag design sa shoes! Haneeeep! Yung crow sound sa background near ending ang astig haha
m pelaez (6 months ago)
Love the series. Parang nakapunta na din ako sa japan dahil dito. Thank you sir!
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Pol Santic (6 months ago)
nice to meet you sir Carlo Ople @ ATMOS Shibuya Tokyo.
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
cheers bud! same here!!
Knowledge Patchouli (6 months ago)
jse.gbrlp08 (6 months ago)
sir Carlo wifey review ng off white sneaker.
Jefferson Alacapa (6 months ago)
That caption on the last part to make sure this vid won't trigger some boys 😂
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
haha yes!
Jefferson Alacapa (6 months ago)
That caption on the last part to make sure this vid won't trigger some boys 😂
Matt Correos (6 months ago)
very nice content sir Carlo! looking forward to my Japan trip this 2019!!
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
henoleo (6 months ago)
It's like reebok is another brand there compared to the philippines.
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
Allan Abeleda (6 months ago)
カルロ!!! Nice touch Sir カルロ. 👌👌👌
Joey dela cruz (6 months ago)
Sir. Carlo,ihanap mo nman ako ng air jordan 1 retro high OG shattered backboard.size 11.5 o 12 jan sa japan.kung meron kahit gamitin mo muna.kunin ko sau pag uwi ko sa april,andito pa kasi ako sa kuwait.more power and happy new year sa inyo ni wifey sa japan.thanks and god bless you always.
holandpark (6 months ago)
How about their air jordan selections?
Jee Bee TV (6 months ago)
Kuya carlo bigyan mo po ako ng kicks hehehe😂✌️
Gab Marquez (6 months ago)
soon!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Pao R (6 months ago)
Philippines doesn't deserve big drops though. Crazy how resellers work/"hustle" here
Cassidy Elsie (6 months ago)
yeah.. part 2
Aaron Javerina (6 months ago)
Thrift shops here in the philippines are not great
FRANXOS (6 months ago)
Are the prices there cheap?
Aaron Javerina (6 months ago)
Di ko talaga maintindihan kung bakit hindi magawa sa pinas yung nagagawa sa japan pagdating sa sneakers.. :'(
It’s Rovie (6 months ago)
sir carlo do a video shoppig sneakers at japan
Mochi Takoyaki (6 months ago)
Always been wanting to go to japan
Aaron Javerina (6 months ago)
Kailan kaya lalanding yung japan sa pilipinas.. :'( haha sarap magshopping dyan.. Pati ng toys
Angelo Pantoja (6 months ago)
is japan cheap to shop in sir?
b garci (6 months ago)
Nice!!! カルロさん!👍🏻
Colin Craig Chan (6 months ago)
Huhu I miss Japan! Usually when we go the drops aren't as good. haha.

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