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We had our first ever CHRISTMAS MEET-UP AND SNEAKER SALE at Cop Garden together with Christian from SneakerTalk and it was a blast! A lot of you guys turned out and it was just super awesome hanging out. Thank you so much for dropping by, especially to those who bought sneakers. Thank you to Cop Garden for hosting us. Thank you for our special guest, the one and only Mr. Paolo Tomenes. Apart from the coverage of what happened, allow me to also share with you guys my shopping for the wife for a streetwear outfit for our upcoming trip to Tokyo, Japan. Let me know what you think of the final fit in the comments section down below. PAOLO TOMENES: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8lbDbN-cVsmj6YcyrPPOA SNEAKERTALK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo44inc4e4hvEaa1U5HpRqg COP GARDEN: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2WRkzsgL59RdF05LPlH8yw
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Text Comments (236)
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Link to Part 2: Fake vs Real Jordan 1 Union (w Paolo Tomenes) - https://youtu.be/bUS2yupiRAE
amiel barrios (6 months ago)
Sir Carlo ! Nakasale pa ba sa 26th yung zoomfly sp for 3500? sa cop garden?
luscious _dreams (1 month ago)
boss carlo, hoping u wud still have coming events like this 😁😁😁
Christopher Moebus (6 months ago)
Definitely outfit 3 was the better choice 👍👍
Michaella Virgo (6 months ago)
Couple Goals 💑 BOOM 😍
Vanessa Vergara (6 months ago)
size 9
Syrone Johnmay (6 months ago)
Parang ukay na ren pero branded 😁
Sean (6 months ago)
I want to go there soon
Aaron Javerina (6 months ago)
Sayang hindi ako nakapunta. :(
GAMER MATTHEW (6 months ago)
How much are the bape hoodies
John Villar (6 months ago)
Sir Carloooo! Where is that fireee 🔥 🔥 shop located ? Hope it's near my place
Lawrence Eric Labrador (6 months ago)
Carlo Ople (6 months ago)
anthony garcia (6 months ago)
Sir carlo i think the outfit streetwear no. 3 for ur wifey she look good on the outfit.....
Rijie Centeno (6 months ago)
More power sir Carlo!!! Sayang ngayon ko lng napanuod toooo... Ang angas ng yellow na pair 🔥🔥🔥 Available pa po ba yun? 🤤
Fluffkin Mod (6 months ago)
How much for that yeezy butter?
jennifer aubrey (6 months ago)
Sir plus size poba mga pants nyo san po kayo nakakabile ng track pants nyo
Carbonated Caffeine (6 months ago)
sneaker giveaway @ 130k subs sir ople pls 😭
andrew abejuela (6 months ago)
Boss carlo how much jordan 3 timberlake sa cop garden?merry xmas boss
Jon Ethan Batara (6 months ago)
sir where can i buy puma clyde disrupt here in the philippines?
Vicko Dimaano (6 months ago)
Christian had those puma court at steal prices if only they were my size ☺️
Jerickson Gabriel (7 months ago)
Where can we cop those ata bag sir carlo
Gerard Faigal (7 months ago)
Ang cute, kadalasan lalaki ang binibihisan/binibilhan ng mga partners nila. Pero dito, yung babae ang binihisan. Very cute couple! Panalo yung Off-white shirt for the wifey 👍🏻
Jonathan Helbert Crisang (7 months ago)
Ahhhck, milo's cute 😍 Someday I'll buy my girl some hype stuffs too, although she don't actually wear stuff like that. Hahabaha
Ryan Bulaong (7 months ago)
Sayang di ako nakapunta...😢
Miguel Zulueta (7 months ago)
Ang kyut kyut ng wifeyyyy niyo sirr carlooooo. Balang araw nay wifey na ding supportado sa sneakers hahahahaahahah
Cody 'X3m' Yang (7 months ago)
Hi kuya just a question. Is secret fresh free to enter?
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Cody 'X3m' Yang (7 months ago)
Also, is it okay just for a visit
Bong Ybañez (7 months ago)
👌🤘🤙Perfect for the heart & soul of sir Carlo..i'm out BOOOOM
Medel Huerto (7 months ago)
I think it was not a meet up, its something like a bazarre and you gonna meet sir carlo.
Potato Crusher (7 months ago)
You have a very lovely wife
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Thank you! Yes she is :)
Khent Saludo (7 months ago)
Swerte ng malalapit sa place. Hehe dami steal prices!!
RaineBreezy (7 months ago)
what the heck christian sold his pumas?!
RaineBreezy (7 months ago)
@Carlo Ople oooooohhh i wanted to cop that, too bad its not available here in the philippines. i should've bought that coz im his size 😭😭😭
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
He needed to free up luggage space 😂
Redd Reyes (7 months ago)
waaaahhhh .ang mura kuya carlo kaso ang laki ng size....baka nmn may pang girls kuya..starting to fill up my collection..😁😁
Redd Reyes (7 months ago)
@Carlo Ople sabi mo yan kuya carlo ah.antbayann ko yan..size 8.5!!😁😁😁
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Antayin mo si Mrs mag sneaker sale! Hehe
John Lemuel Bernardo (7 months ago)
Sweet Naman Ni kuya Carlo Yun ohh nice video kuya Carlo
Rodolfo Joel Llanillo (7 months ago)
Steal deals ! 🔥🔥🔥
Edward Galaroza (7 months ago)
Baka naman sir meron kang mga pinag luma an diyan, size 10.5😭❤
Samira Mangoda (7 months ago)
How I wish I can walk in to buy those hype sneakers for an affordable price 😱
Dan Dimaliwat (7 months ago)
Very supportive wife! So cool pa pagdating sa pormahan 👍
john abraham Lungcay (7 months ago)
Edward Galaroza (7 months ago)
Prophere lng po ngayong pasko😭need lang
john abraham Lungcay (7 months ago)
Hay paps idol
keng koy (7 months ago)
papasko ninong carlo 😄
Ej Pansoy (7 months ago)
wooooooohhhhhhhh lupet
Ichiro Osaki (7 months ago)
Sir saan kayo pupunta sa japan?
Zenaida Garbin (7 months ago)
Hi sir. Carlo i here my son always watching your vlog at pati ako ay na iimplowensyahan narin ng panonood nya sayo i wish sana manalo siya ng shoes sayo. Wala kong i.g eh sakanya nalang. I hope you have a good helt for this christmas I.g kylegbrlgrbn
Ichiro Osaki (7 months ago)
Ang layo namin! Goodluck nlng sir have fun!! Dala na kayo pang winter nyo hehe😂
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Tokyo lang! Gawa guides on Sneaker Shopping
Kim Lee (7 months ago)
Aaarrrggghh!!! I want to go, but unfortunately I'm all the way from Tarlac, I don't have the time and resources. Hopefully next time I can meet you sir Carlo.
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Next time!
Brian Catabay (7 months ago)
Brian Catabay (7 months ago)
It was really nice to meet you @carloople and @sneakertalk🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SneakerTalk (7 months ago)
This was lots of fun! Looking forward to doing this again!
Zack NUnbound360 (6 months ago)
Really big fan of the both of you. Hope I will be able to see you in person. Belated Merry Christmas Idols!
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
See you soon!
Ginoel Cris Pohol (7 months ago)
Sir carlo basketball shoes lng this pasko please🙏🙏🙏more power
Michael Warren Cantonjos (7 months ago)
Nice gift for your wife sir.😊
Diolino Ison (7 months ago)
Have a nice trip to Japan, Sir Carlo. Be sure to buy hype shoes for your viewers. Nice High end ukay ukay store. The prices of the sneakers are reasonable and affordable. Wish I could come. You have to pamper your wifey. She is your number # 1supporter ☺🤗😄😃😉
Bry (7 months ago)
at kung hindi ka pa isa sa mga boss ko LOLOLOL
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Kenneth Mondares (7 months ago)
sayang huhu
Daryl Garth Pazziuagan (7 months ago)
Great to meet you sir Carlo! I was the guy in the dark green plain tee. Also, Solevation GH told me your clima UB's were ready for pick up hahaha
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
I’ll get them later!
Ysa Angulo (7 months ago)
Loooove the third look on your wifey!!! So fresh! Enjoy Japan!
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Yes! 🤙🤙🤙❤️❤️❤️
Lucky Tai-Lan (7 months ago)
3500 what a steal but it's not my size though.
Rowell Hinampas (7 months ago)
what a steal for WTAPS!!! 😭😭😭😭 sayang lang late ko na nakita then ang laki din ng size mo Sir. Huhu
Zack 17 (7 months ago)
Those mountain shoe boxes thoooooo😍🔥🖤
Darryl Dave Dolorito (7 months ago)
kelan next event nyo? sayaaang di ako nakapunta
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Next year Dec 2019! Hehe
Eduardo Lalic (7 months ago)
mikx gabriel (7 months ago)
Just woke up lamig ng panahon ... And again what a nice video Sir Carlo .. may pwd idagdag SA pananamit ko haha
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
James Gresones (7 months ago)
Jose Gabriel Rodrigo (7 months ago)
Its rainy day🌁but i love watching your videos because the shoes are nice and my favorite is off white
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Thank you!
JaimeJr Tv (7 months ago)
ang mura ng sneakers nyo sir!!!sayang nmn nsa saudi prin kc ako pro ok lang din cguro kc malaki nmn po size nyo.hehehe natawa ako sa dulo kay paolo tomenes..god bless sir and merry xmas sa ating lahat
Adrian Belleza (7 months ago)
Hype wife look #3 it is! 🔥 Got ur AF max 270 Safari... 🙏🏻☝️
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
🤙 Thank you!!
Micko Andrada (7 months ago)
Yehey.. May collab with sor pao😁
Walang Kwentang Vlog (7 months ago)
Merry Christmas sir Carlo and to your Wifey! Power to the BOOM!
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Power to the boooooom
Hoodier GD (7 months ago)
Yes I’m in the intro
gi win (7 months ago)
size 12 po ba yng mga tinda mu ??
Extremevision (7 months ago)
sana yearly na to sir Carlo
Ibrahim Ramos (7 months ago)
pa follow idol sa ig @briixxyyy
Allen Salandanan (7 months ago)
sir sayang sobrang layo lang talaga 😢 nakabili manlang sana ako regalo sa sarili ko this christmas haha
Ultimate blader (7 months ago)
Fashion wife hhahahahaha nice outfit
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
jace eguia (7 months ago)
Sayang sir wala ako sa pinas. hopefully one day I'll buy one of your shoes.More vlog sir Carlo.BOOOOMmm🤚🤚😎
bryan sigua (7 months ago)
Supportive sa wife
sonny camcaman (7 months ago)
I loved the sneakers and is cheap price sadly I'm out of the country. Keep it up, Sir Carlo. More power to your channel.
Josh Martinez (7 months ago)
Mga condom sa hiking part lmao
Christian Sudario (7 months ago)
Thank you @carloople! I was able to cop the Air Max Deluxe yesterday. Next time ulit. We hope to see you also in Tokyo later this week. 😄😉😊
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Michael Jordan (7 months ago)
Tap tap tap boom
shanine emberzo (7 months ago)
Until when yung mga sneakers mo sir? Planning to buy my bf a shoes and luckily same size kayo 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
eric manglicmot (7 months ago)
Sir Carlo saan po location ng Cop Garden?Thanks.Merry Christmas in advance.
Datsatoilet . (7 months ago)
ganda sana if the denim jacket is small bagay na bagay sakanya !!
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Agree!! It was just oversized.
Van vercede (7 months ago)
Kailan ang news sa GOT giveaway na winner
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Dec 26 :)
Topher Martinez (7 months ago)
Nice to meet and see you Sir Carlo! I hope you liked my simple gift to you! ☺️ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎄
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Yes thank you!!!
Dionie Bawag (7 months ago)
Oh no!! Nakalimutan ko tong event na to :( Sana meron pa next event, malapit s north :) hope to see sir carlo
Pauline Valdenarro (7 months ago)
Late pero watch parin 👐💞
Clarence Cubrado (7 months ago)
Fact:madali bumili mahirap magkapera
Roy JLP (7 months ago)
Your wife is gorgeous. I like her sense of humor.
Jocelyn Tan (7 months ago)
simmyjer (7 months ago)
Cutie 1:35
Joshua Micayas (7 months ago)
nike is firee , Merry christmast sir carlo and ma'am michelle
Jentrick Poncee (7 months ago)
Benj Antonio (7 months ago)
sir carlo srp poba j1 roy nila?
Benj Antonio (7 months ago)
@Carlo Ople last question sir iisang size lang poba yun
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Yhonez Jorsie (7 months ago)
Haha 😂😂 c milo chill lng 😂😂 kya msrap uminom ng MILO eh prti kang inaantok 😂😂 M -- MASARAP I -- INUMIN L -- LASANG O -- OVALTINE Yan ang energy!!! BOOOOOOOM!!! 👍👍😈😈
Yhonez Jorsie (7 months ago)
Haha 😎😎 Merry Christmas to you and to your family sir Carlo 😇😇👍 Maybe u should do a reaction vdeo about d ateneo bullying incident sir 😈😈
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Hahaha benta
Gian Dela Rosa (7 months ago)
Ayos to! Hahaha
Waldo Carvajal (7 months ago)
sarap panoorin mga vid ni sir Carlo very informative, he really knows everything! new subscriber here!
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Thank you and welcome to the squad!
jaredfarro (7 months ago)
Kung size 12 lang ako 😔 sayang yung nmd
Monkey Luffy (7 months ago)
laht below 1k bad deal na
Rhon-Rhon 01-18 (7 months ago)
Wala po kong mahabang comment ngayon. Pa-like naman guys hahaha iha-heart kaya ni sir carlo to hahaha
Carlo Ople (7 months ago)
Kristine Marie Ramos (7 months ago)
I'm broke 😭
nahtanoj 05 (7 months ago)
New subs here Sir, Im a sneaker lover here in Canada! Pa shout out po Sir, more power and more sneakers to come!
lenuj ocampo (7 months ago)
Wala rin akong size jan for sure..syang naman..hehe.

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