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For this vlog I decided to try out MYSTERYBRAND.NET which was reviewed and featured by several international sneaker YouTubers. Suffice to say it's pretty obvious that their "unboxings" were boosted. In reality the chances of you winning anything good here are slim to none. It's a total waste of money.
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Carlo Ople (9 months ago)
2 vlogs accidentally published. This was supposed to go up 7pm, haha 😂 Please watch the other vlog adidas Never Made Collection Shopping: https://youtu.be/6pbj4pyC2iw
Oman Parales (9 months ago)
Really love the content here Honest as always sir carlo Godbless
Raymond Dicipolo (9 months ago)
ayos talaga content mo sir carlo. idol!
jessica cansino (9 months ago)
Nakita konapo sir Carlo
I thought so...sobrang magkasunod un vlog...but its ok sir carlo we had so much fun...👍👍👌
Em Torres (9 months ago)
nakita ko nga po halos sabay lang😂
Jon Neri (3 months ago)
English ka pa ng eng pinoy ka naman bobo pangit mo mag englisg
Coc Fan (3 months ago)
ricegum try this website and got an air pod,NMD X BAPE AND AIRMAX AND MORE! HERE THE LINK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8kl764FTzY
XD GAMER PH (3 months ago)
3:00 its 3.99 not 300 bobo
ANDRIA ARCALAS VLOG (3 months ago)
New Subbie here!!!
Petron gabica (6 months ago)
Ultra boost is the best
Damn that gave me anxiety attack haha
Pepega (6 months ago)
Daming nagsasabe na scam! Sinabe na nga ni sir carlo na more of gambling to kase chance lang na makuha mo yung item! Kaya nga may items na nasesell nang mas mataas kaysa dun sa mismong presyo nung mbox.
No one (6 months ago)
"my own money"..... nice scam
Loyd Flores (6 months ago)
Weird flex but okay hahahaa
Clark Sumaden (6 months ago)
Legit po ba ang mga shoes?
Kristan (6 months ago)
i really dont get why people buy mystery box. for xsake its totally RIG !
Hans Cabrera (6 months ago)
Leo Tubalinal (6 months ago)
Dream shoes ng anak ko yung una mong nakuha
Arlene Murillo (6 months ago)
Hello po sir im from philippines sinubukan ko ito nag deposite ako worth 100$ lang nakakuha ako ng lighnight earpods sa apple boy 12 days ko nakuha yung package and its real hindi ako na scam .
Dickrider 69 (6 months ago)
This is a scam.. dont waste your money on this website.
Karl Joey Umblas (6 months ago)
i thought you were sponsored and youre like selling out youre channel. good thing youre a genuine guy. phew
Benjie Servino (6 months ago)
10 minutes ads WTF -HAHAHAHA
Mr. Shneebly G (6 months ago)
It’s a scam po. Watch H3H3 and he will tell you why.
Killer Gaming (6 months ago)
Penge yezzey kahit fake
Stephen Arellano (6 months ago)
Jesse John Terrenal (6 months ago)
Hi Sir Carlo. I saw from the blog of Guava Juice that when you open and the red light flashes the item is premium. :)
Skycarl Carpio (6 months ago)
Boss pa heart po
nu_pgan G (6 months ago)
Grabe bro! For the sake of trying it, you really went for it. Props for you...I guess lol It's like a PSA narin for others not to try it. Much respect and power to your channel!
John Mordeno (6 months ago)
Noelle (6 months ago)
try HYPEDROP sir, mas legit. les issues than mysterybrand. Matagal shipping ng Mysterybrand eh, 2weeks or more. And if you do MB, splurge on Appleboy box muna coz u get better chances of getting profit. 😉
J. Torre (6 months ago)
Hi sir, i'd like to inform that this unboxing thing is a scam. It was pointed out by H3H3 productions and pewdipie
Karl David (6 months ago)
scam amputa
Omni and Bryce (6 months ago)
#lodi ka talaga bro
Peenoise Mentality (6 months ago)
Akin nalang yang dota2 carry ring boss hehehe
Mark Carlson Bernas (6 months ago)
Mastere oplee🤘🏻🤘🏻
joshuel fernandez (6 months ago)
Mystery box
Foreinscorp z (6 months ago)
Did you get the items tho?
Memebot (6 months ago)
Lol mga bobo scam
jyrus gumera (6 months ago)
you can have 0.13% chance of getting some hype sneaker sir carlo... that's a scam
Em Torres (6 months ago)
Peke pala to boss carlo https://youtu.be/b_gitOw1TZU Kakagawa lang po ni pewd ng vid
error 404 (6 months ago)
Mysterybrand is a scam...
Rad Fern (6 months ago)
Geezus, thank God I didn’t load up. I was honestly hyped up with the Mystery Box. You did get crap. Thank you for this. Definitely subscribing!
Sean Resueño (7 months ago)
Sir carlo gift mo po akong 400pesos jan sa mysterybrandp
Stoopid Jimin (7 months ago)
Naka kuha lang ako ng IPhone XS....yan lang isa nakuha ko😓
AutomicDude (7 months ago)
I like dat
AutomicDude (7 months ago)
Carlo Ople ive been watching your vids po for almost a year ty po i make vids like u aswell
Zetsuna (7 months ago)
Can you use paymaya?
Juliana Lu. (7 months ago)
I think its not a scam
ShaunX (7 months ago)
Do they deliver in phillipines
Sunil Aku (7 months ago)
Your dumb
Alexander Andy David (7 months ago)
Saw this on YouTube as well. All the guy got was stickers.
Kuya Borj Gaming (8 months ago)
I spend 6000 I got psvita 2000 slim black and Nike Free run 2 .
Bel sandoval (8 months ago)
Hi boss idol carlo :) Nice vlog and nice shoes. 😎 Challenge can't say no. 😊 I challenge you to give me NB or AirMax Nike shoes 😉😊😍
Justine Valderama (8 months ago)
Just go to the hype stuff and just stick to one box. Ive watch some youtubers and they won vapormaxes😊 just telling ya.
vincent espana (8 months ago)
If u want to waste many... "Do This" 😂😂😂
julesphilip timbal (8 months ago)
boss Gift naman nang free shoes Boss christmas gift po
Arjay Valerio (8 months ago)
Trackers, stickers at socks Ang pinaka okey.
SpecterVII YT (8 months ago)
Its very informative..
Leiu Cabrera (8 months ago)
Yun nag aantay ako ng pinoy na mag gaganto eh
Carl J Vince Herrero (8 months ago)
how about the size of it like shoes or clothes?
LiftOrGTFO (8 months ago)
I opened the $75 Yeezy box for the first time and won the Yeezy 350 Butter. Still waiting on their arrival though. The support team said it could take a 2-4 weeks to arrive.
Marklester Romero (9 months ago)
I try the site. wala silang Philippines ?
Mordecai Terry (9 months ago)
Can i have a shoes:>
Mario Cruz (9 months ago)
Smh us acquired
James Clamor (9 months ago)
That was tragic
Anti Rich Kids (9 months ago)
planning to try this one
Kouki NVL (9 months ago)
Speaking of boxes, are you aware of crate services? Like hoop crate and the likes? Do we have these kinds of services locally? If so that would be a fun thing to review for you :)
Kristoffer Arrazola (9 months ago)
U have high chances of better items in the 100$ + boxes
Christopher Moebus (9 months ago)
Dang carlo, i think ill go check it out 😶
king luche (9 months ago)
You can just message me in youtube if i win the giveaway and the ill give you my details
Imo it's just a gambling site rather than a scam site, even csgo has these types of websites, great vid nonetheless
Yeonwoo Seungwan (9 months ago)
napanood ko yung isang canadian vlogger din na si itsyeboi. sa mystery unboxing . nakuha nya dalawang air vapormax off white 1 white at 1 black. share ko lang 😂
Ej Pansoy (9 months ago)
Reymar Crespo (9 months ago)
Dave Yapan (9 months ago)
EBay Mystery Box naman Sir!
Kendra K (9 months ago)
omg 73k na palaaaa. 80k before EO oct!
Gerald Robles (9 months ago)
It's Qias! Not kias 👍🏻
Razer max (9 months ago)
ask lng po ako if meron kayong alam na group page para sa mga resellers of hype stuffs😊
John Balderana (9 months ago)
Regaluhan nyo naman po ako kahit isa nyong sapatos na pambasketball😂
Zygon Serrano (9 months ago)
Hahahahahahahahahah akala ko iphone na!!! Hahahahah
Theodore Cruz (9 months ago)
Like opening Old Blue Boxes hoping for a Spiky Band hahaha
Carlo Ople (9 months ago)
Milo Grafik (9 months ago)
Para sa Vlog... Just spent 5K vicariously through Carlo Ople. Hehe
Carlo Ople (9 months ago)
At least I got a Game of Thrones shirt out if it 😂
Zach 21 (9 months ago)
Scam app
Bengkol Tan (9 months ago)
Wish ko lang sana mag ka ultra boost ako idol carlo
Carlo Mangalindan (9 months ago)
kahit yung dota2 baller na lang akin hahahahaha #congrats on 70k
Carlo Ople (9 months ago)
Pa raffle ko na lang hehe.
jim Tierra (9 months ago)
Thanks @carlo ople for this fun and awareness vid regarding that mystery box site
Pariddle Igo (9 months ago)
Parang paralo lang ng shopwise sa website nila no chances of winning... ahaha 😂☄️💥
Cyan1de (9 months ago)
Naghihintay ako ng plot twist pero wala ahaha pero may maganda naman kayong nakuha sir haha. Scammaz yung site ahaha very honest mystery box! More power sir. Yung iban kasing nagmmystery box puro scripted na e ahaha.
kenji amparo (9 months ago)
New stuff 🔥🔥👟👟
Kent Angelo (9 months ago)
Mukha lang siya masaya hahaahahaha
Ft. Dwinskie (9 months ago)
binili mo nlang sana ng sapatos yan boss or pang grocery😂✌️
GeLo Langit (9 months ago)
how to waste money in an exciting way hahahaha
GeLo Langit (9 months ago)
6:54 lumabas name ko woohh haha
Carlo Ople (9 months ago)
Hahaha dapat yan title ko
sandiessss (9 months ago)
Haha. Afford mo naman yan. LOL
Conquer Cent Vergara (9 months ago)
Try the Ebay mystery Sir, tingin ko mas astig yun and cool for review
Khent Saludo (9 months ago)
Sir mas napansin ko po yung mga followers mo po sa carousell. Hehe. 😅
Kelvin Wang (9 months ago)
dami yong mga iba mas maganda
Jazren Bangao (9 months ago)
Hu my gad Nag chat ako nong last video mo na i gawin niyu sana to And u did nga yes hart hart
Cyrus The Virus (9 months ago)
Another youtuber was emailed that you can only get better chance if you invested $1000(more than Php50,000) to this scam app.
Mark Felipe (9 months ago)
much like Counter strike global offensive weapon skin gambling ,
cenjei ramos (9 months ago)
Tama ka nga sir siguro nga boosted ung mga ibang YouTuber na nagmystery box para mapromote din ung mga nagbigay ng mystery box. Pero the reality ganyan talaga ung makukuha. Meron din sir sa Lazada, shoppe, carousell na mystery box ehh kaso mahirap maggamble. Thank for this informative vlog sir. 😊
Bryan (9 months ago)
Geanna (9 months ago)
It is indeed a gambling site for me
AJ Diocton (9 months ago)
Gawa ka boss ng vans outlet vlog.
Carlo Ople (9 months ago)
Saan ba meron?
darillejohn badong (9 months ago)
kevin lacuin (9 months ago)
Scam!!!! Ekis yan sir

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