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Giantess Unaware: Teresa
The old channel GtsUnaware was taken down so I've FINALLY decided to open a new channel where I will upload Giantess content. Welcome to Micro Studios Today's Story: You are Jacob. Once a week you tutor Teresa. You are early as usual when suddenly you begin to shrink. You try and remain calm. "Teresa will be here soon, she will know what to do." Right at that moment Teresa arrives. This is your chance to get her attention.
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Sexy Giantess, Bug Plague Soldiers
Giantess, Vore, unaware, etc =)
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Manga Giantess 7 part 1
Giantess Manga: see full maga here... http://zipansion.com/3T9Zj Giantess Manga buttcrush footcrush butt foot boobcrush boob crush mega tiny men fart vore
Views: 28333 Pippe Mlg
Giantess Dee's Micro Bugs
Giantess Dee wakes up to find tiny micro sized ant men all around her house. They climb on her, including her giant toenails and feet. Disclaimer: Not my creation
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Giantess Nana Rampage
Subtitles included, enjoy!
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Giantess Vore & Feet - A Day in the Park (SorenZer0)
Giantess Vore & Feet - A Day in the Park (SorenZer0) Hey everyone after a whole year of no videos, i'm finally back. My intentions are still the same, to share the amazing work made by Giantess content creators to the YouTube community while making absolutely no revenue. Thanks again and be sure to check out tomorrow's video. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This video is about 2 giantess teenagers and their discovery of tiny people while their day out in the park. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT SORENZER0'S WORK: https://www.deviantart.com/sorenzer0 WANT TO BUY SOREZER0'S COMICS: https://gumroad.com/sorenzer0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MY DEVIANTART PAGE: https://www.deviantart.com/anotherGTSfan https://www.deviantart.com/deviantartgelo ----------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO CONTAINS: Giantess Crush Giantees Feet Giantess Vore -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Giantess vore in swimsuit
hi guys,long time,well here we have a giantess in a desert who vore some guys and one girl, enjoy it ;)
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Mistaken for Ants
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eat men.... subscribe!
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Giantess Torture 01
To the best of my knowledge all these videos are free to show and to download from pornhub.com this is where I downloaded them from.
Giantess asian
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GIANTESS Little Men gets eaten
GIANTESS Little Men gets eaten GIANTESS Little Men gets eaten GIANTESS Little Men gets eaten
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The Asian Giantess (EDITED WITH SOUND) - From Mark Lee
My first and only attemp of editing a silent gts animation of Mark Lee (DragonessLife), adding sound to the video. I slowed down the video in a 50% to make the interaction with the giantess and the city, along with her steps, better. Enjoy it.
Giantess pets
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MegaKorean giantess videos
please consider to support our work via patreon. https://www.patreon.com/megakorean This clip is longer than it should be ^^; So we will update this .... currently processing.... ^^; As more support we get as more and better videos we can create :) Only 1 $ per new video (and we try to make one new video every 3 Month at least) Of course our main-video (which will appear some every 3 month) will always be free to see on youTube… But as a patreon you can get access to extra content like pics, early test videos, test-renders / editing hints and our resourceMaterial (greenScreen videos and more :) If you want to see some more please visit our gallery on DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/megakorean If you like this video - or if you are in anticipation for the final video ... please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel :) The music is from Lunas Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/user/luna422422
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Well i don't own this video CREDIT GOES TO CREATOR OF THIS VIDEO
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Mom, We Shrunk Ourselves (Giantess Unaware Horror)
-A few features needed to be censored. ~Story~ You all shrunk down mysteriously to the size of an ant. While attempting to get your mother's attention, one of your friends had accidentally fell inside the sky scrape yogurt. It had been horrors as your mother had been unaware of what was struggling to swim inside the very tough and thick slime of yogurt while inserting it into her mouth. After he'd been gulped by your own mother, you all then shrink down even smaller to the size of a spec of dust. Will you and others ever get her attention?
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Giantess Gruedome threesome
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❤️Colossal Giantess Ashley❤️
Old clip I found
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Giantess Manga n3
Heres is full manga: http://zipansion.com/3IoS6
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Mega Giantess 08 Asian Giantess 08
This video is free to show as far as I know.
Giantess Lina - cruel hands, deadly breasts (Part 3 of 8) - Trailer
Giantess Lina can sometimes be quite unaware of the effect her play has on the unfortunate tinies, as Walter finds out when Lina decides to move and investigate a house. A woman who is attempting to escape quietly whilst the Giantess is distracted finds herself suddenly trapped beneath Lina's enormous hand. Lina amuses herself tormenting the occupant of the house until she becomes bored and finishes him off with her sharp red fingernail. Along the way she finds time to annihilate a few cars, then uses her huge breasts to demolish a full house. Lina is just getting into her stride and is very much looking forward to the imminent arrival of her beautiful and very cruel friend Giantess Lori. Alone each spell trouble, together well.....
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Honey I'm Not A Tiny Toy Solider! (Giantess) 2nd teaser
Honey I'm Not A Tiny Toy Solider! starring giantess Abby goes to war with a the tiny toy army men and her ex she thinks is a tiny solider. Subscribe & like for more, thanks! Inquiries: [email protected] #Giantess
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Greatest Giantess Scene Ever (HD)
This video was uploaded purely for artistic reasons, nudity and all. This is not at all pornographic and is in fact an upload for those of us who appreciate art. The scene is from the move Beyond Sleep (2016): https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4075458/ The giantess actress is named Zoi Gorman (1985): https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7868429/?ref_=tt_cl_t5
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Giants and the city  - Chapter 2 Full HD ReUp
Giantess and the City proudly presents: Chapter 2 - even bigger and better than chapter 1. Hopefully it won't be striked again...
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Asian Giant Swallowing a Tiny Man Down his Throat
This muscular vore giant has finished toying with his prey, and is now forcing him down his throat and into his awaiting stomach. contact at [email protected] for private vids
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Two unemployable actresses become real superheros thanks to twin space fairies. A homage to Ultraman, Electrawoman and all happy 70's Saturday Mornings. With Tasha Tacosa, Rachel Riley, Christine Nguyen, Jed Rowen, Robert "Corpsy" Rhine and Jay Woelfel. Successfully funded by Kickstarter. Giantess Attack copyright by Jeff Leroy. Music by Youtube Royalty Free music (MK2, Silent Partner). Check out facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarOfTheGargantugirls/?fref=ts
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Blue Heel Micro Crush
another giantess crush
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Shylowe's Spoon
Miss Shylowe! Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MetudNmXOOc Subscribe to Shyfunk!!!! Channel Name: Shylowe ShyFUnk
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The Virtual Blowjob
FULL INFO: ww.virtualbowjob.net
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Giantess Tiny Snacks!
Giant Giant Girl decides to have some tiny snacks along with her candy! full video contains lots of vore/pov/sfx subscribe & like for more, thanks! To purchase full videos from my store: email [email protected] be a patron of My Giantess and get behind the scenes videos as well as all the full videos & more!! #Giantess
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ASMR ♡ Ear Licking , Ear Massage , Kissing & Ear Eating
Please hit like and Subscribe or I will give you a wet willy. Support the Channel: PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/cherrycrush T-Shirt - http://bit.do/cherryshop Ear Eating vids: https://youtu.be/Jho0aE39RUg https://youtu.be/jkUtOny7gSA https://youtu.be/Uv7r-30GZ3o Eating other things: https://youtu.be/Jho0aE39RUg https://youtu.be/uT5dJMhddpc https://youtu.be/1Wn2_X-m0vI https://youtu.be/oIoY0dfqiDc Different ASMR videos: Travel Korea - https://youtu.be/I1O58tH57KA Sleep on the train - https://youtu.be/kc3vGZLEHQ4 Experimental ASMR - https://youtu.be/oQaKCkmXUjg trigger words: https://youtu.be/k4xrnlxIO-s https://youtu.be/ffFjLVCy93M https://youtu.be/AiFbuRfUW98 https://youtu.be/RFpC809VyqY Soundscapes and vocals: https://youtu.be/XfYf3xcXAq4 https://youtu.be/oQaKCkmXUjg https://youtu.be/20nndrERIRQ my music playlist: https://youtu.be/k0pwbdEtwm0?list=PL4POwc6_dZNuE1Hxifag1am9ab5Zykckr Hope you enjoy!! please be sure to subscribe this is my new ASMR channel! ;) For Business inquiries- [email protected] Please add ASMR to the subject of the email . You can also find me - https://www.facebook.com/mycherrycrushx https://Instagram.com/mycherrycrushx Wishlist - https://amzn.com/w/2UM3ALM02UQH3
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Asian Giantess
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Giantess Vacation Pics, City Princesses: Attack Of The Giant, Pretty Pampered Girls
Audiobook Chapters 2 - 10 City Princesses: Attack Of The Giant, Pretty Pampered Girls Attack, Giantess: https://gum.co/CJHdX The girls are back and now they are Giants! Audiobook Real Pulp Magazine. SFX Audiobook, audiobook, audio books, audio books online, audio books Youtube, audio book download, audio book download mp3, Fantasy, Science Fiction,sound effects, theater play feel, Giantess Magic,Gts,Mega Gts,New World Order,Giant Woman,Amazon,Mini GTS,Cosmic GTS,Genre,Giantess Audio Stories,Story,videos,shorts,clips,Giantess Youtube Channel,Evolution of Giantess,Giantess play,Giantess Woman,Giantess books,Giantess audiobooks,SFX,Goddess,Giantess Woman,Giantess around the city,Growth,Math,Chemistry,Giantess Story,Giantess gal,Girl-power,Giantess New World Order, NWO,tallest,Adventures,VR,Giantess Genre,Growing Giantess,giantess essentials,giantess along for the ride,giantess club,giantess download,giantess world,giantess in popular culture, gigantic,Mission Giantess,GIANT woman,Evolution of Giantess, High School,City rampage,Giantess play,Giantess 1,large world,giantess video,massive,massive body,voice,actor,video,creative,impressions,Black Giantess, Magic Potion,giantess special effects,goddess worship,Giant woman’s, Giganta,vigane,ضخامة,веліканша,жена гигант,Gegant,女巨人,Žena džin,Kællingen,Reuzin,Géante,Riesin,Γυναίκα γίγαντας,ג'יאנטס,राक्षसी,Óriásnő,Raksasa wanita,ジャンテス,여자 거인,Ġgant,jotunkvinnen,غول پیکر,Olbrzymka,Femeie uriaşă,великанша,Гиантесс,obryňa,Giganteidad,Jättinna,ยักษิณี,dev gibi kadın,Гігант,وشالکاییت,Người khổng lồ,גיאַנטעסס GTS,Cosmic,Giantess Essentials,Giantess Vore Story,Giantess Love,Giantess Shrinking Man,Giantess Youtube Channel,Giantess Attack In City,Giantess Eat,Giantess Club,Giantess Artist, Người đàn ông xấu hổ,Dyn Shrunken,שרון מענטש Mega,Micro,Growth,Giantess Content,Size Comparisons,360 Videos,POV,SM,Giantess Magic,GC,Amazon,Mini GTS,Mega GTS,Giga GTS,Cosmic GTS,New World Order,Alien,Adventures,Giantess Comic Stories,Giantess Community, Skurczony mężczyzna,Homem encolhido,Omul scuturat,Сжатый мужчина,Схрункен Ман,Skrčen človek,Hombre encogido,Mtu wa Shrunken,ชายหด,Усохла людина,شرابی انسان Giantess Vore,Giantess Woman,Goddess,SFX,Evolution Of Giantess,Giantess Audio Books,Serving Giantess Vore,FemDom,Giantess Gal,VR Animation, Earth Giantess, Giantess Magic,Gts,SM,Mega Gts,New World Order, सिकुड़ा हुआ आदमी,Zsugorodott ember,Shrinked Man,Pria Keriput,Fear Shrunken,縮んだ男,수축 된 남자, Sarucis cilvēks,Susitraukęs žmogus,Скршен човек,Lelaki ceroboh,Man Shrunken,Krympet mann,مرد شكسته شده GTS - Giantess average Giant Woman, SM - Shrunken Man, SW - Shrunken Woman, Micro - A shrunken man that is extremely tiny, usually anywhere from a few millimeters to microscopic, Giantess Magic, Amazon, Mega GTS, Mini GTS, Cosmic GTS, Vore, devouring tiny people, Genre, IPOV, 6 to 10 feet (1.82 to 3.05 meters) , Kjempe,Ġgant,Гигант,Milžinas,Milzu,거대한,巨人,Raksasa,Risastórt,Óriás,विशाल,הענק,Γίγαντας,萎缩的人,Skupljeni čovjek,Krummet mand,Põgenenud mees,Pugong Man,Homme réduit,Geschrumpfter Mann,Μειωμένος άνθρωπος,Chonje moun,איש שרונקן Giant Woman,Shrunken Man,Micro,extremely tiny,millimeters,microscopic,Cosmic GTS,Genre,POV, Story,3d Evolution of Giantess,SFX,The Giantess,Giantess Captures,Goddess,Shrink,Giants Woman,art, female artist, GrowGiantess, Giantess, GTS, Virtual Reality, learning ,3D,A giantess is a female giant,mythical being, superhuman size,art related to giantess, Photo-Collages, People large and small, Alien Giantess,SFX,The Giantess,Giantess Captures,Goddess,Shrink,Serving,Giants Woman,Giantess Woman,Giantess around the city,Giantess ,Giantess Magic,Gts,SM,Mega Gts,Vore,New World Order,Giant Woman,Shrunken Man,Micro,extremely tiny,millimeters,microscopic,Giant Couple,Amazon,Mini GTS,Cosmic GTS,Vore,devouring tiny people,Genre,Giantess crushing tiny people,IPOV, Eye,Giantess Audio Stories,Story,3d Animation,videos,shorts,clips,Giantess Youtube Channel,Gts, SM, Mega Gts, Vore, New World Order, gjigant,Reuse,Gekrompelde Man,Njeriu i tkurrur,ўсохлых Людзі,Скъсен човек,Home encongit, Riese,Xigante,Géant,Jättiläinen,Hiiglane,Reusachtig,kæmpe stor,Obří,gigantski,巨人,Gegant,Гигант,волат,عملاق,11 to 20 feet (3.35 to 6.10 meters), New World Order, Voyuer Giantess,גיאַנט,Khổng lồ,وشالکای,Гігант,Dev,ยักษ์,Jätte,Mkubwa,Gigante,Obor,Гиант,великан,Gigant,Ogromny,
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Giantess roma's productions
Follow the link : https://www.giantessave.com/product/bfpunishment/
Views: 8036 Giantess Roma
Giantess good
Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
Views: 9972 Giantess and Feet
Giantess mom
Views: 34118 Ezra Medina
My Giantess Feet Smelly Socks
Tiny man was trapped in my smelly socks 😉 💥Read my about me to find me❣
Views: 1594 Chocolate Goddess
The BBW Giantess Brittany Crush
Giantess Brittany Crushes Tinies in Her House
Views: 56328 Micro Maniac
Japanese upskirt teen loves to flash and show her underwear! - Premium Snapchat
Get PREMIUM SNAPCHAT with 100% real verified girls at: http://xSnap.im Japanese school girl likes to show upskirt underwear to men! She loves to show her amazing white underwear and she gets so happy!
Views: 230934 Cat Josselyn
Giantess Cali Logan
Views: 31887 Giantess Lover
Manga Giantess 8 part 3
Heres is the full manga: http://zipansion.com/3T9af Giantess Manga buttcrush footcrush butt foot boobcrush boob crush mega tiny men fart vore
Views: 7866 Pippe Mlg
Giantess torture and kill little men under her heels
Giantess torture, crush, stomp, squish, trample and kill small, little, shrinking clay men under her Platform pumps high heels. Flattened man.
Views: 13916 Ciarla Tani
when the things become really big, it looks like a paradise.
Views: 25040 E- bony
ASMR - Intense lens licking! With super close mouth sounds + whispers
my most unattractive video yet wooo links down here ~ CUSTOM VIDEOS + rewards on my patreon: https://patreon.com/ncln buy my art! https://artbyncln.blogspot.com OTHER CHANNEL ❤️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPz7NYZI8yQhqpa4PcLUlFQ?view_as=subscriber twitter: http://twiter.com/linabeanaasmr insta: http://instagram.com/nicolina.jpg ah i’m so gross in this, sorry, but it’s what so many of you weirdos wanted. rest, drink water, moisturize… love always, lina
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Gorgeous Girl Boots Crush
Awesome gorgeous girl cruh sqirel under her black leather boots. Too bad it's not graphic, but her expression and gestures are great.
Views: 16312 stefizzzreturn
Asian Giantess crush
Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
Views: 2423 Giantess and Feet
A giantess movie
Views: 55158 larssteffens2