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DIY - Recycled Magazine Box
Simple DIY. A storage box made of magazine. Twitter : https://twitter.com/CaroGaudette Instagram : http://instagram.com/enilorac15/ Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/gaudetcr/ Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreationCaro Thank you ! Caroline
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Origami Magazine Box
Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/winsomeyuen
Views: 434 Winsome Yuen
Arely Muciño en Box Magazine
Arely Muciño La ametralladora Muciño Monterrey Rayados
Views: 921 MediaBoxMagazine
Make a Dovetail Box in 12 Minutes -- WOOD magazine
Through dovetail joints are as beautiful as they are strong, and work great for all kinds of casework, including drawers. In this video, WOOD magazine's Bob Hunter shows how to make a dovetail box in just 12 minutes from start to finish using a template and a router table. To buy the Keller dovetail system Bob uses in this video, visit http://amzn.to/241yV0n Subscribe to the WOOD YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Wood Subscribe to WOOD magazine: http://www.woodmagazine.com/subscribe Get digital issues for iPad, Kindle, and more: http://www.woodmagazine.com/digital Official website: http://www.woodmagazine.com Shop for woodworking project plans at: http://www.woodstore.net?a=youtube Read tool reviews from WOOD editors and other real woodworkers at: http://www.reviewatool.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com/woodmagazine Twitter http://www.twitter.com/WOOD_Magazine Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/woodmagazine/
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Daiwa Infinity Box-Total Carp Magazine
Total Carp Magazine take a look at the Daiwa Infinity Box
Views: 2172 Total Carp Fishing TV
RAP4 Lok-Bolt Box Mag Demo
More info visit http://www.rap4.com/store/paintball/rap4-box-magazine-with-nautilus-drive A quick video showing the new RAP4 Lok-Bolt system and the RAP4 Box Mag in action!
Views: 27494 Modern Combat Sports
Kaart in doosje goocheltruc - Lightning Box  bij Goochelwinkel Dynamite Magic Shop
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=182_178_44&products_id=4100 German magician Bruno Hennig invented the "Signed Card To Box". This powerhouse effect has seen countless improvements and modifications over the decades since it's creation. The effect has been used by thousands of magicians and has fooled countless spectators. The effect is so powerful that many magicians close their shows with it. But every magician that has used this classic has always had a single thought in the back of their mind...if I could just do this, it would be perfect. The Lightning Box is perfect! THE DREAM I've been personally performing the "Signed Card To Box" since my earliest days in magic. I've tried all of the variations. While many of them worked and were very good like most magicians that have used the effect I kept thinking "what if it could just do this...". So in the mid-1990's I set out to create the perfect container for the effect. First I created some very stringent goals. 1. The box must look like an ordinary object. 2. The box must be able to work with any color/ back design playing card plus other objects such as money, business cards and billets. The objects must be the complete objects so the spectators can see depth. 3. The box must be able to use the Jamy Ian Swiss work for ultimate deception. 4. The box must be durable and able to withstand countless performances for professional use. 5. The box must have the ability to be shown empty both BEFORE and AFTER the revelation. 6. The lid must stay on for transport but be easy to remove. 7. The container must easily go through airport security. 8. The Reset must be automatic. THE SOLUTION After countless prototypes I finally developed a working model. It worked but to be perfect I enlisted the help of professionals. Thomas Wayne and Royal Jenner contributed concepts. Mike Lapidus did the final design and built the final prototype. Thanks to these gentleman for doing a great job. The process of going from my working model to the final prototype took four years. Constant testing and fine-tuning have paid off. The LIghtning Box is no longer a pipe dream. The Lightning Box has solved all of the problems and meet my goals. 1. The Lightning Box looks like a high quality jewelry box. I modeled after a cuff link box I purchased. 2. Users can very easily swap out the object inside the box. It takes about one minute. You can use any playing card, any type of paper currency from any country, you can use business cards or billets. Many other objects will certainly find there way into the Lightning Box for example sugar packets, small envelopes etc. It's up to the user to decide. The best part is all objects are real objects. Spectators can see all three dimensions because the objects are full cards etc. 3. The LIghtning Box is a cylinder with a removable lid. It's small enough to easily fit into your pocket. The CNC machining was designed to leave plenty of space so that you can add other objects that will fall out of the box to increase the illusion. The box is deep enough to easily contain .75" casino dice, 4 half dollars, candy, mints etc. Any small objects can be used. 4. The material we used to construct the Lightning Box is Black ABS Plastic. The material works real well for this application. It's tough and durable yet it's very lightweight. No sagging pockets. The Lightning Box is manufactured by a very high end CNC machine shop on computer controlled lathes and milling machines. Each Lightning Box is exactly the same and built to exacting specifications. 5. You can show the Lightning Box empty at the beginning of the routine and empty again after the signed card is revealed. 6. The lid is held in place by a high impact "O" ring that is used for hydraulic applications. It holds the lid in place yet it's easy for the spectators to remove. The Lightning Box comes with a backup that you can install in seconds if you ever wear it out. 7. The Lightning Box goes through airport security like butter. Professionals can easily take it on the plane with them. 8. Reset time is instantaneous. No trap doors to pry open or attempting to balance in an open position. The Lightning Box does the work for you.
Views: 4013 Dynamite Magic Shop
A&K M249 box mag
Showing how to fix the common A&K M249 feeding/jamming issues.
Views: 24820 mifslim
Bankers Box Premium Magazine File - Assembly Demo
Bankers Box Premium Magazine File Maximum strength magazine file for organisation of magazines, catalogues and literature Fastfold™ automatic assembly Large labelling area for easy identification of contents Made from 100% recycled board and 100% recyclable See our range of magazine files here: http://www.bankersbox.com/gb/en/Products/Pages/product-listing.aspx?cat=RECORDS-STORAGE&tercat=RS_MAGAZINE_FILES
Views: 3357 Fellowes Brands
M249 airsoft box mag mod
How to make your m249 feed as you pull the trigger.
Views: 14882 IndebtedOne1
Snoepkist goocheltruc / Candy Box Illusion bij Goochelwinkel Dynamite Magic Shop
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=126_57&products_id=4791 Hans KLok / bij Goochelwinkel Dynamite Magic Shop You open a clear plexi box and take out some single sweets. You ask a child to take some more sweets and put it onto a clear plate. Next the box is closed and put away, a magic spell is not passed over the plate and all the sweets now have changed into one large chain of sweets!!! Comes with the very special clear plexi box, plate and instructions. Supply your own sweets / candy. We can ship the item by post, however we advise to pick it up in the shop as we cannot guarantee the item to arrive safe and well.
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android box illusion
Visite-nos em http://www.magazine-hd.com/ ou https://www.facebook.com/MagazineHD Illusionadroid Media Center - Metronic Mais que um media center wireless, o Illusionadroid é um verdadeiro tudo em um Acesso aos conteúdos de Internet pela TV, através de um fácil interface de utilizador. Com o sistema operativo Android, o Illusionandroid permite navegar na internet via TV. Permite igualmente gerir o Email por intermédio dum comando à distância com teclado e o seu potente processador Adicionar e eliminar conteúdos mediante simples passos. Com seus 2 portos USB e as conexões de rede, o Illusionandroid permite reproduzir conteúdos multimédia (fotos, música e video) desde o disco duro ou computador remoto. Através do seu leitor de cartão MicroSD, permite visualizar facilmente o conteúdo video duma câmara ou instalar aplicações Android compatíveis.
Views: 1891 Magazine HD
Hi-Fructose 3 Box Set
Stop motion trailer I made for the Last Gasp's release of the Hi Fructose Magazine Box Set III. Music by Swiftumz.
Views: 107 Janelle Hessig
Origami: Folding paper trash box - Quick and simple.
Using a page from a magazine to fold a paper trash box.
Views: 46605 John Nguyen
Dobbelsteen truc - Dynamite Dice Box Magic Trick bij Goochelwinkel Dynamite Magic Shop
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=168_45&products_id=2320 This version is especially made for Dynamite Magic Shop as the owner René had a nice idea which makes if possible to take the box apart into two separate boxes to make the effect a real miracle ! This beautiful item is made of so qualified materials and has great performance. There is a dice in a small box, at first the magician holds the dice up and puts it in the big box which is made of 2 seperate parts. Now the dice is in one of the parts of the box and the other part is empty. The magician closes the doors of big box and tilts the box, at this time moving sound of the dicewill be heard that is changing its place in the box and after that the magician opens the box doors. The spectators will see that the dice has changed its place and its previous place in the box is empty. And again the dice will be transferred from that place to the other section with magician's movement. Then the magician takes the box apart into two separate boxes and still the die travels from one box to the other !!! Finally he opens the doors of the box and spectators will see the dice is disappeared completely and there is no dice in two seperate parts of the box !! He opens the small box now. Wow! The dice is in it!! Have this item soon as it will astonish your spectators. You receive the complete set (box which exists of 2 boxes and tray, smaller box and die). In bright red !
Views: 2551 Dynamite Magic Shop
Ring verdwijn doosje goocheltruc - Rattle Box Wood bij Goochelwinkel Dynamite Magic Shop
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=116_51&products_id=1048 The magician borrows a coin, which is marked for identification by the spectator. The marked coin is dropped into a small hardwood box by the spectator and the lid closed. The magician then gives the closed box a few shakes; rattling the coin inside. The box is given to a spectator to hold. When the spectator opens the box, the coin has vanished! The coin may be found in spectator's pocket, or nested away in some device; you can choose the outcome.
Views: 2885 Dynamite Magic Shop
US Navy Seals M4 custom com Dboys drum box magazine
Feita com madeira, cano de PVC, pedaços de rapaduras de Alumínio, pregos, Parafusos, Fundo plástico de TV, cola durepox superbold, Raios de motos e de bicicletas, pedaços de chinelas Havaianas e câmara de pneus etc É Tudo Mais Que a Inteligência imaginar parágrafo Torna-las como Mais perfeitas possíveis. SÃO OBRAS DE ARTESANATO. NÃO SÃO ARMAS. NÃO SÃO LETAIS E também NÃO ATIRAM
Views: 4159 José Pereira
T68 Lok Bolt Shooting Full Auto With Box Mag
More info visit http://www.rap4.com/store/paintball/rap4-box-magazine-with-nautilus-drive See that the lok bolt on the T68 paintball gun shooting with the box magazine. Shooting full auto demo and testing.
Views: 11391 Modern Combat Sports
Магазин BugHunter GSM Box 2
Обнаружение любой активности мобильных телефонов через протоколы связи GSM 900/1800, CDMA 850, WCDMA 2100 (3G, UMTS), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Автоматическое зашумление микрофона. Световая и звуковая индикация индикация активности. Размер кредитки.
Views: 1974 Олег Громов
IKEA great ideas! How to make it Ikea FLYT magazine book file rack box
IKEA great ideas - How to make it Ikea FLYT magazine book file rack box
Views: 18444 daneyyyyy
the box Magazine Central Florida - Test Shoot/Editorial
http://www.openthebox.co Team AV, imDaParty.com, and iAmDwayneMoore.com shoots for "the box" magazine in Cocoa Beach, FL. It started out as a test shoot but we ended up getting some killer images out of it. The launch date for "the box" magazine will be May 2012 covering Central Florida, showcasing fashion, music, and the culture of Central Florida. Music by Dwayne Moore - TheBox V1. Like us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/theboxmagazine Elisa Gonzalez, Eric Hoppes, Amanda Sirisoukh, Candido Didofresh Rodriguez, Brittany Jaeger, Marcus Anderson, | Hair Director: Angel Cardona Hair: Liz Danca Maldonado Makeup: Jeptha Lee Wardrobe/Accessories created by: Pamela Botello Styling: Peter Morales
Views: 2279 AVtheBook
Ummet Ozcan - The Box (Original Mix)
Download on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/UOTHEBOX Facebook: http://facebook.com/SpinninRecords Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpinninRecords G+ : http://gplus.to/SpinninRecords http://youtube.com/spinninTV presents: Ummet Ozcan - The Box (Original Mix) Ummet Ozcan, trance and progressive house guru, releases one of his best tracks to date. 'The Box' is a beautiful but very edgy track with a sound that's just perfect for that peak-time moment in your set . The elongated melodic rifts provide for a sound calm that puts you in an incredibly addictive trance state of mind. Pure perfection!! Armin van Buuren : 'Supported in my ASOT Radioshow twice!' Dash Berlin : 'Support!' Markus Schulz : 'Full supporting' Gareth Emery : 'Another big tune from Ummet!' Sander van Doorn : 'Full Supporting!' Aly & Fila : 'As usual always something special from Ummet! W&W : 'Huge!!!!!!!!!' Tydi : ' nice' DJ FEEL : 'For the dancefloor' Orjan Nilsen : 'Quality as always from Ummet, supporting!' John O'Callaghan : 'AMAZING' Andy Moor : 'supporting' Leon Bolier : 'Support!' Lange : 'great production' Marcus Schossow : 'Nice' Judge Jules : 'nice track' William Daniel / Tillate Magazine : 'Tune Of The Month @ Tillate Magazine!' --- The Spinnin’ Records YouTube channel is the home for all music videos of the world’s leading dance record label! We feature the latest music videos by Spinnin’ artists like Oliver Heldens, Sam Feldt, KSHMR, Ummet Ozcan, Blasterjaxx, Merk & Kremont, Timmy Trumpet, Tujamo, Alok, Curbi, Mike Williams, Lucas & Steve and many, many more! Expect daily uploads of official music videos, lyric videos and artwork videos across genres like dance, house, electro house, future house, deep house, big room and trap. Make sure to subscribe to Spinnin' Records: http://bit.do/spinnintv ..and turn on notifications to stay updated with all new uploads!🔔 Follow Spinnin’ Records: https://open.spotify.com/user/spinninrecordsofficial https://soundcloud.com/spinninrecords https://facebook.com/SpinninRecords https://instagram.com/spinninrecords https://twitter.com/SpinninRecords https://spinninrecords.com
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Sea Box Mobile Machine Shop.avi
Sea Box Mobile Machine Shop
Views: 6861 Sea Box
Introduction to BT TM 15 Box Magazine Project
New BT TM 15 Project I'm starting, let me know what you think.
Views: 6217 CFPBcreations
ECHO 1/ JG/ MATRIX P90 Box Magazine Terminator Conversion kit Update
Box Mag for Echo 1 / JG P90. Got this at EVIKE as part of a Terminator Conversion Kit for $90. Great Deal!!!
Views: 3098 JohnMatrixCommando
Ares LMG Tip: running a battery in your Box mag
Hey guys here is my tutorial video on me rewiring my gun and battery to be able to run most batteries out the bottom of the mag instead of using stick type batteries in the gun. Hope you enjoy the video. Subscribe!!!!
Views: 4266 Watchalewknat
Thrift Shop on iTunes:http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/thrift-shop-feat.-wanz-single/id556955707 The Heist physical deluxe edition: http://www.macklemoremerch.com The Heist digital deluxe on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=560097651 The Heist on Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00908DDZM The Heist in-stores NOW! Credits: VIDEO Directed By Jon Jon Augustavo, Ryan Lewis, Ben Haggerty Produced By Hollis Wong-Wear, Tricia Davis, Zach Quillen Lead Grip: David Herberg Grip Assistants: Josh Marten, Jay Neilson Stylists: Annie Murphy, Alex Nordstrom MUSIC Written by Ben Haggerty Produced by Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz Additional vocals by Brooklyn Grinnell Scratches by DV One SPECIAL THANKS TO Goodwill Outlet Value Village Capitol Hill Red Light Vintage Fremont Vintage Mall Unicorn/Narwhal Northwest African American Museum Sara Stapleton, JR Ewing and Inner City Empire, Faisal Jaswal, Clay Davis http://www.macklemore.com http://www.twitter.com/macklemore http://www.twitter.com/ryanlewis http://www.facebook.com/macklemore http://www.facebook.com/ryanlewisproductions
Views: 1267904669 Macklemore LLC
A&K M249 Box mag (sound control fix)
Feel free to ask questions
Views: 5102 SOCOMJON
Nerf Ammo and Magazine Box
Ammo and magazine box
Views: 138 awesomedude133
Nikon COOLSHOT review by Golf Punk Magazine - What's in the box ft Pollyanna Woodward
Pollyanna Woodward takes a look at the new Nikon COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder for Golf Punk magazine in this edition of "What's in the box?" http://www.nikongolfrangefinders.com/
Views: 8779 Roger Wolfe
Makeup storage from The Makeup Box Shop Australia
For a full list of products and prices visit our online store www.themakeupboxshop.com We offer a variety of different size makeup / jewellery / makeup brush / nail polish storage units
Views: 22665 The Makeup Box Shop
❧❦ Sample Society Box - Diptyque - Allure Magazine September 2012 ❦❧
**** TO SEE UP-CLOSE PHOTOS AND SWATCHES, CLICK HERE: http://sassiwench.blogspot.com/2012/09/sample-society-box-diptyque-allure.html The September 2012 Allure Sample Society Box includes: Stila - Smudge Crayon in Smoke Diptyque - Eau de Toilette Fragrance - Do Son Borghese - Borghese B Gloss Fiore Ahava - Purifying Mud Mask Cellceuticals - Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser plus a $15 off gift code with a purchase of any of the brands featured this month.
Views: 2329 thesassiwench
comic book box #14 WIZARD MAGAZINE 1/2
difrent wizard comics #1/2 that i use to collect back then in the 90's
Views: 243 roger69501
Jack In The Box, 1971 Mattel Toys - Pop Goes The Weasel!
​​​ ​​​Watch our product feature video for a Jack In The Box, 1971 Mattel Toys - Pop Goes The Weasel. ▶▶ Follow Us TWITTER http://twitter.com/luckypennyshop FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/LuckyPennyShop INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/LuckyPennyShop GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/+luckypennyshop PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/luckypennyshop/ LPS WEBSITE http://www.luckypennyshop.com/
Views: 318640 Lucky Penny Shop
Allure Magazine Holiday Beauty Box
This is Allure's seasonal box which is $29.99+ shipping.
Views: 649 Budgetfriendly
Rickie Lee Jones Juke box fury
From "The Magazine", 1984.
Views: 16529 wolmarrrrr
Issue 1 Short Video Preview - In the Fly Box w. Charlie Craven
In this short Issue 1 preview of So Fly Magazine, Charlie Craven, the owner of Charlie's Fly Box in Arvada, Colorado and one of the world's best fly tyers, tells us a little bit about his shop and the unplanned success of his website www.charliesflybox.com.
Views: 2707 soflymagazine
Cama Box Casal Castor Comfort.
Sua casa vai ficar muito mais confortável com os móveis do Magazine Luiza. Confira nossas ofertas em colchões, armários, mesas, sofás e muito mais! Acesse:http://maga.lu/M5JX07 #moveis#
Views: 24627 Canal da Lu - Magalu
OMG - Catherine Loewe for Out of the Box magazine
Out of The Box Issue 17 - OMG Model - Catherine Loewe @ Visage Art Direction & Editing - Ryan Jerome Video - Dijan Kahrimanovic Styling - Jordan Sapir H & MUA - Berry Erwanto Music Copyrights @ Royksopp (trentmoller Remix)
Views: 661 Catchup Productions
Inside The Box Video Magazine   SuperCorr Expo Day 4
Packaging and performance improvement consultant, speaker and trainer Dr. Box also known as Randy Phares presents highlights from the final day of the SuperCorr Expo Show. This edition highlights the new Super Corrugator capable or running at almost 1500 feet per minute and various other information from the show. It also includes video footage from the show. If you are in the corrugated packaging end of the business, don't miss this SuperCorr Expo Series on Inside The Box Video Magazine - TOP News From Around The World.
Views: 311 Randy Phares
Cama Box Queen Size Americanflex Max Bambu
Sua casa vai ficar muito mais confortável com os móveis do Magazine Luiza. Confira nossas ofertas em colchões, armários, mesas, sofás e muito mais! #moveis#
Views: 75353 Canal da Lu - Magalu
Fishy Puzzle Box
Video of one of my gift projects showing the step-by-step process of making this Wood Magazine November 2012 construction project. Murphy definitely got in the way on this one. Never fails that the one you decide to shoot the video for will give you the most problems. :-)
Views: 60601 Ronald Walters
Inside The Box Video Magazine 5-30-12.wmv
INSIDE THE BOX VIDEO MAGAZINE - TOP Packaging News From Around The World! Randy "Dr. Box" Phares a top packaging and profit improvement consultant presents packaging news from around the world in his video magazine issue 5-30-12. For all of your packaging, consultin, keynote speaking, research and training needs. Call the Doctor at +1-775-4435529 or email at [email protected]
Views: 306 Randy Phares
Inside The Box Video Magazine 12-19-2012
TOP Packaging News From Around The World. Randy "Dr. Box" Phares shares the top news in packaging. In This issue pricing predictions for 2013 are also shared. www.askdrbox.com.
Views: 42 Randy Phares
Living in a box Razz Prince - Phone Shop
Razz Prince and Yung Wang sing living in a box :) The funniest shizz!
Views: 38455 Eujanie
Airsoft Club Beta Project 95rd MP5 AEG Magazine 5pcs Box Set Review by Climberpt24 Airsoft
Climberpt24 Airsoft reviews Beta Project 95rd MP5 AEG Magazine 5pcs Box Set for airsoft-club.com Product can be purchased here: http://airsoft-club.com/shop/magazine/aeg-magazine/beta-project-95rd-mp5-aeg-magazine-5pcs-box-set-black
Views: 228 Airsoft Club
'Lil Trinket Box
Packaging is everything! In this video Janice Mae is showing how to turn magazine pages into origami box to hold little paper bead trinkets.
Views: 895 Janice Mae
Colby & Ryan's Box Shop
Come On DOWN!! $3 Each and 4 for $10! FOLLOW US @rglennkontra & @colbymatzke We do not own the rights to the music. All rights go to Copyright owner.
Views: 9293 thosedancinwhitekids
Lunch Break - Old MacDonald's Deformed Farm (2011 International)
Lunch Break https://www.facebook.com/lunchbreakquartet/ Like what you see and want to get more Barbershop into your life? Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BarbershopHarmony38 Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barbershopharmonysociety Follow us on Twitter: @barbershopnews hyperlink to https://twitter.com/barbershopnews Follow us on Instagram: @barbershopharmonysociety hyperlink to https://www.instagram.com/barbershopharmonysociety/ Click here to learn how YOU can join our mission to fill the world with Harmony! http://www.barbershop.org/joining-the-barbershop-harmony-society/